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Friday, February 1, 2019

Thursday, January 31st

3:30PM: Officers responded to a report of larceny of two packages on Euston Street. The reporting party received a confirmation email at 1:37pm from USPS notifying her that her packages had arrived, but when she arrived home at 3:30 the items were missing. The packages contained clothing items valued at over $100.

5:33PM: Officers went to a store on Boylston Street regarding a past shoplifting incident. Yesterday morning at around 8am, an employee watched a woman purchase a box of cereal, and asked for a bag to put it in. She then remained in the store and went to the cosmetics aisle for a few moments, then exit the store. The employee thought this was strange. Later the employee checked the surveillance cameras and noticed the woman in question putting various cosmetics items into the shopping bag, then exit the store without paying for them. The employee states that they are familiar with the suspect, and were able to give the police some information to aid in the investigation.

7:09PM: Officers were dispatched to Highland Road for reports of a breaking and entering of a residence. When officers arrived they noticed a crowbar, screen, and shattered back window. Officers also noticed footprints in the snow leading up to the broken window. The reporting party stated that she left her home in the morning and returned home in the evening. She noticed the glass on the floor and the loud barks of her dog on the second floor. It appears at this time that nothing was stolen. Police are investigating.

8:08PM: While investigating the attempted break-in of residence on Highland Road, officers noticed a window screen pulled up of an adjacent home. There were also footprints in the snow leading up to this window. The window was closed but not locked. It appears at this time that the suspect did not enter this residence. Police are investigating.

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