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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Wednesday, January 30th

1:08AM: Officers were conducting a building check of Brookline High School when they noticed graffiti along the rear of a building. The graffiti depicted an anarchy sign and the words “We Be RESIT”. There were also two other images of what appear to be people. No other graffiti was observed at this time. Police are investigating.

1:03PM: Officers were dispatched to reports of an animal bite. A USPS employee reported that he was bitten by a dog while attempting to make a delivery on Chestnut Place. The reporting party stated that after he left a package at the front door, a dog ran out from the corner of the house and bit him on the leg. The dog is registered and the owner will be receiving a citation for the dog’s action.  

6:33PM: Officers took a report of a past breaking and entering to two motor vehicles on Leland Road. The owners (a couple) noticed both of their cars had been rummaged through overnight. Both owners reported no items were missing and admitted that the vehicles were left unlocked.

6:40PM: Officers responded to a similar case of breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. The reporting party stated that on Monday, the 28th, she left her car unlocked in her driveway on Plowgate Road. The following morning at approximately 8am, she noticed her motor vehicle had been rummaged through. No items were stolen or removed from the inside of the motor vehicle. Today, at around 6pm she heard her husband’s car alarm go off. She never saw an assailant but believes that someone was attempting to break into her husband’s locked car. These cases are being investigated

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