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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Suspicious Activity, North Brookline

There were two incidents this past week of suspicious activity involving a gun. On January 23rd around 9:30pm, a group of students were walking on Pleasant Street toward Commonwealth Avenue when a large dark vehicle playing loud music passed them. A few of the people walking saw the driver holding what they described as a firearm out of the vehicle, mimicking firing off rounds. The car was described as a dark, boxy SUV type, and no one saw the license plate. The suspect was described as a dark skinned male with a small beard. At around 7pm the previous day, another incident occurred. A woman was driving on Saint Mary’s Street when she swerved to avoid a pot hole and got too close to a large black SUV. The driver of the black SUV pulled alongside the woman and the woman tried to explain that she hit a pothole and was sorry. This is when the driver of the SUV turned off their headlights and brandished what appeared to be a firearm. She described the suspect as having dark brown skin, black hair, and a short black beard. Since both cars were dark, large SUV type vehicles and the suspects appear similar, it is possible these crimes were committed by the same person. If anyone has information relating to these cases or others please report anything suspicious to us at 617-730-2222. Both of incidents are under investigation.

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