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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Monday, October 1st

An officer received a call from the Vice Principle of one of our Brookline Schools, reporting that one of his students was bitten by a dog during recess period.  The reporting party told the officer the incident occurred on the playground around 12:15 PM.  The dog owner was walking his dog through the park when the student approached the dog owner and asked if she could pet the dog.  The owner allowed her to do so.  The dog then bit the student on the forearm.  The Brookline Health Department has been notified. 

A separate incident with a different dog:
9:50 AM- The Brookline Animal Control Unit was notified that a woman’s dog was attacked by a loose dog.  The complainant reported she was walking her dog around 9:00 AM by the Maimondies School when all of a sudden a loose dog came running out of a driveway and attacked her dog.  She claims the dog pounced on her dog and began biting.  A motorist stopped and scared the attacking dog away.  Her dog suffered two puncture wounds to the rear left leg.  Around 9:53 another caller called the Brookline Police reporting a loose dog on Buckminister Rd.  The same caller called back later and reported the owner had retrieved the loose dog.  She reported she was walking her dogs when she encountered the loose dog without a collar.  She described the dog to be friendly and playing with her dogs. This case is under investigation.

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