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Monday, October 1, 2018

Friday, September 28th

11:35 AM- A report of a shoplifting incident on Harvard Street was broadcasted by Brookline Dispatch.  Dispatch provided a description of the suspect as a black female wearing a blue jacket and carrying a large bag.  She was reported to be traveling South on Harvard St towards Walgreens.  An officer located the suspect in front of the Walgreens.  She did not have the jacket on but stated she took the blue jacket off because it was ripped.  She was in possession of a grocery bag that was filled with several unopened packages of bar soaps.  An officer spoke with the reporting party and witness.  A cashier stated she saw the suspect enter the store and grab several plastic bags near the entrance.  She was not carrying anything when she entered the store.  The cashier stated the next time she saw the individual; she was attempting to walk out with a store bag that appeared to be full.  The cashier intercepted the suspect before she left and told her that she knew she didn’t pay for the items she was carrying.  It was then said that the suspect walked around her and left the store, traveling south on Harvard Street.  The items taken from the store were returned by an officer.  The suspect was placed under arrest for shoplifting and transported to the station.

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