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Monday, October 1, 2018

Thursday, September 27th

The Brookline Animal Control line received a call from an Animal Hospital with a report of a dog bite that occurred in Brookline Ave Park.  An officer spoke with the reporting party and two family members.  A family member reported that he was present for the incident and that another dog came over and bit his dog.  He approached the dog walker of the other dog and exchanged information.  The owner of the dog who was bitten was not home at the time police arrived so the officers contact information was left behind.  The owner later emailed the officer the contact information of the aggressor’s owner and police made contact with her.  She claimed she was not present during the incident and that her dog walker was and gave the officer the dog walker’s information.  The dog owner was advised that the Brookline Health Department would be contacting her to conduct a 10 day quarantine of her dog.  The dog walker relayed information that she was at the park with the victim.  She was speaking to the owner of the injured dog and while they were talking, the complainant’s dog got possession of a ball that the dog walker brought to the park.  She then stated the two dogs got into an altercation when the victim began barking excessively at the dog she was walking.  A physical altercation engaged and the dog she was walking got a hold of the other dog’s side.  The dog walker claims the other dog’s owner pulled his dog away and she herself attempted to gain control of the dog she was taking care of.  The dog walker stated no injuries were observed on the victim and his care taker took the dog and left the park.  Moments later another family member of the individual who left the park came back to the park and approached the dog walker and informed her that their dog was injured and bleeding.  The two then exchanged information.  The dog owner of the aggressor has been issued a Town of Brookline By Law citation for biting or injuring another domestic animal.

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