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Monday, October 1, 2018

Saturday, September 29th

4:45 PM- The reporting party who rents a townhouse on Eliot St stated she was having issues with her bathroom and called the management company to come address the issue.  She stated that the maintenance representative from the management company came around 8:30 AM.  The reporting party described the maintenance representative as “the older man”.  She stated that he has always done the work for her and she has never had a problem.  She reported this time he came with a younger man who she had never seen before.  She thought he was training the man or he was his assistant.  While they were working, the younger man was walking back and forth from the bathroom out to the truck and back.  The reporting party reports being home at the time but stayed away from them so they could work.  She reports them leaving around 10:40 AM after they fixed the problems.  After they left, she noticed money was missing from her purse. She told the officer her purse was near the front door and she believed that the cash may have been visible in the purse.  She remembers seeing the cash in her purse earlier in the morning before they came and it was gone after they left.  She attempted to contact the management company but they were closed for the weekend.  This case is under investigation.

4:35 PM- Officers were dispatched to Commonwealth Ave for a report of a larceny from a motor vehicle.  The complainant stated she left her vehicle in a car repair parking lot around 8:45 AM to be serviced.  She checked in at the service counter and was told to return at a later time to pick up her vehicle.  She returned around 6:00 PM.  She reported her vehicle was locked when she retrieved it from the parking lot and subsequently drove it home to Cambridge, MA.  When she arrived at home she reached for her sunglasses case which is kept in the storage compartment under the climate control and radio console.  This storage compartment does not have a cover that will shield the contents inside.  When she opened her sunglasses case it was empty.  She then checked another sunglasses case which is kept in the same compartment and discovered that sunglasses were not in that case either.  She was adamant that the sunglasses were inside their respective cases when she brought her vehicle in for service.  An officer spoke with the store manager on duty who stated the customer arrived and parked her vehicle in the parking lot at approximately 8:45 AM.  The vehicle was taken into the garage bay for service by an employee.  The vehicle sat in the bay until 9:45 AM as it was determined that parts were necessary for the service and had to be ordered and picked up at another location.  The vehicle was taken out of the garage bay and parked in the parking lot by the employee that was going to service the car.  The vehicle sat in the parking lot between 9:45 AM and 1:00 PM.  Both the manager on duty and the employee stated the vehicle was locked when it was put in the parking lot as the headlights on the vehicle flashed when the employee used the remote key to lock it.  It is possible the unlock button was hit.  The car was taken into the garage bay again around 1:00 PM to be serviced when the parts arrived.  The employee brought the vehicle in.  The service was completed by 2:00 PM and the vehicle was taken out of the garage bay and parked in the parking lot by a different employee.  The other employee and the employee who worked on the car both stated that they did not remove the sunglasses or any other contents from the vehicle.  This case is being investigated.

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