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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tuesday, September 25th

8:20 AM- An officer was dispatched to Monmouth St for a larceny report.  The reporting party notified an officer that on 9/25/18 around 9:00 PM he locked two red giant men’s mountain bikes to the front of his stairs.  When he exited his house the following morning around 6:00 AM he noticed both bikes were gone.  A bike that does not belong to him was left behind.  The bike was obtained by Brookline Police as evidence.  This case is being investigated.

8:30 AM- A larceny report was made at a job site located at Brookline Place.  The complainant reported he left the job site on 9/24/18 around 3:00 PM.  When he returned the next morning around 7:00 AM he noticed heavy copper welding cable was missing.  Detectives are investigating this case.

10:28 AM- Officers were dispatched to Beacon Street for a report of a shoplifting incident that took place on 9/23/18.  The store manager informed officers that on the morning of 9/25/18 while conducting an inventory check on merchandise in the store he noticed items were missing off of a rack and had not been sold.  He inspected video footage from the store and noticed on  9/23/18 at 10:40 AM an unknown white male, mid 20s, 5’6” tall, skinny build, wearing blue jeans, black shirt with a white colored design on the front, with a black baseball hat.  The suspect had walked into the store and appeared to be walking the aisles of the store “looking interested” as to the location of the store employees.  The store manager then viewed the same subject also carrying a blue colored shoulder canvas bag walk over to the aisle where the electric hair clippers are on display, quickly take two different brands of them and concealed them in the shoulder bag.  The reporting party also informed the officer that about 10 days prior to this incident there was a male party matching the same description in the store who attempted to return items without a receipt.  The subject became agitated when the employee told him he could not return items without a receipt.  The police were called but the individual left prior to police arrival and he was unable to be located.  This case is under investigation.

6:00 PM- Officers were dispatched to Harvard Street for a report of a shoplifting incident.  Brookline Police Dispatch gave officers a description of a black male wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and a gray hat, as well as a black female wearing a maroon hooded sweatshirt.  They were both described to be between age 20 and 30.  The shoplifting was said to be in progress as the call came through.  Officers were asked to wait outside the store.  The loss prevention officer was waiting for the suspects to attempt to leave the store before approaching them.  An officer observed the loss prevention officer approach two suspects matching the description given by dispatch while just inside the exit doors.  The loss prevention officer working at the store reported that the female suspect she stopped was the female she observed taking items from various shelves and putting them in her hand bag.  She did not observe the male take any items and conceal them.  She reported he entered the store moments after the female and stayed by her side as she took items from the shelves.  The employee asked the suspect if she could look in her bag for items that were unpaid for and the suspect complied.  The employee recovered numerous items with price tags still attached to the items.  An officer read the suspect her Miranda Warnings and asked if she had taken items and put them in her bag in which she responded yes.  The male suspect was searched for store items after being asked.  He had none.  They were both advised they would be summonsed to court for the shoplifting incident. 

8:50 PM- A report of a break, entering and larceny was made on Cary Road.  The reporting party, the son reported he left the house around 3:50 PM.  The father arrived home around 8:30 PM to find the rear sliding door slightly open.  Inside he noticed some items on the first floor were moved/ disturbed.  After looking more closely he noticed items were missing.  Officers observed pry marks on the wood frame around the locking mechanism.  The son noticed items missing from his bedroom as well.  This case is under investigation

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