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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Wednesday, September 26th

3:09 PM- Officers observed a young man earlier during the day known to them from previous interactions earlier in the day.  He was asked to leave the library after he was found asleep in the building earlier.  He cursed at the librarian and refused to leave.  Officers responded to the report and found the individual sitting at a computer on his cellphone talking loudly and being disruptive.  He was escorted out of the library sent on his way.  Half an hour later Brookline Police received a call about two people passed out on the lawn of the library.  One of the individuals was the same subject from the disruption earlier.  They were woken up and asked if they needed medical attention in which they both declined.  They were sent on their way.  An officer observed the same male enter a liquor store on Cypress St.  The officer contacted the employee working at the store and asked him to keep an eye on the individual who had just entered, as he did not have any money in his possession.  He was observed by the officer placing a bottle in his back pocket.  The store employee confirmed that the individual had not paid for anything prior to leaving the store.  The officer approached him and asked about the bottle.  The suspect denied having a bottle and offered a search of his person.  The officer then observed a plastic bottle of red wine in the gutter where the suspect was walking just prior to stopping him.  The officer recognized the bottle from when he observed the suspect placing it into his pocket.  The bottle was returned to the store and the suspect was placed under arrest. 

6:00 PM- An officer was dispatched to Babcock Street for a report of a larceny.  The reporting party stated a few days prior that he ordered a few items.  He received a confirmation email for these items at 2:00 PM on 9/26/18 that some of the items ordered had been mailed to his address.  When he returned home he noticed a box turned upside down.  The package was addressed to him.  He found that the package was cut open but contained one item.  He was unable to locate the second package that would have contained his other order.  This case is under investigation.  

7:22 PM- A report for a check on well-being was conducted in the area of Heath St and Glenland Rd.  Brookline Police Dispatch received a call that a vehicle was off to the side of the road with two occupants, both passed out.  When an officer arrived on scene both occupants were observed to be sitting up in the car and Brookline Fire Department personnel was tending to them.  Upon speaking with the caller, police were informed that the car was parked at an odd angle and partially blocking the roadway.  He observed the operator outside of the vehicle on the ground and the male passenger passed out in the passenger seat.  The operator then returned to the driver’s seat in the still running vehicle.  The witness removed the key from the ignition for safety.  An officer then spoke with the operator.  She had no idea where she came from or how she got to the location.  She stated she had been driving aimlessly and that she was “too messed up to drive” and decided to pull over.  She stated she was trying to do the right thing.  She notified the officer she was prescribed Ativan and likely ingested too much.  She was observed to have glossy eyes and be unsteady on her feet.  She was unable to concentrate and focus on the questions asked.  She stated the passenger was supposed to be the designated driver but he was messed up as well.  He was observed by officers to be asleep and snoring in the passenger seat.  He had been previously awake when speaking to medical personnel.  His name was searched in the system and a warrant was found.  The operator requested medical attention and left the scene with medical personnel and transit.  Her name was searched in the system and it was found that her license was suspended.  She was summonsed to court for operating a vehicle with a suspended license and operating under the influence of drugs. 

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