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Monday, September 24, 2018

Saturday, September 22nd

5:07 AM- A graffiti complaint was made.  The complainant stated upon coming into work on the morning of 9/22/18 around 4:30 AM he observed two new graffiti markings on the left side of the building.  The same tag was located on a nearby dumpster in the back lot which belonged to another company.  This case is being investigated.

11:15 AM- A report was made on Fuller Street for a break, entering and larceny.  The reporting party stated she had left her wallet in her boyfriend’s car.  She last saw her wallet on Friday 9/21/18 around 11:00 AM inside of the car.  She was notified by police that her wallet was found. This case is under investigation

5:50 PM- A report was completed at the station for a stolen wallet.  The complainant told an officer she was shopping on Beacon Street from approximately 2:40 PM to 2:50 PM.  When she went to the register to pay for her items she noticed her wallet was missing.  She stated while she was shopping, her wallet was in her purse which was open at the top and the wallet was visible.  This case is under investigation.

8:46 PM- Officers were dispatched to Washington Street for a report of an attempted break and entering.  The reporting party reported leaving members of her family home while she ran an errand.  The members, listening to music in the kitchen heard their dog barking uncontrollably.  An officer then spoke to an individual present during the incident who stated she was in the kitchen with her sister listening to music when the dog started to bark toward the rear of the house.  A bedroom was in the rear of the house which was unoccupied at the time.  The daughter who occupies the room checked the room and noticed her bedroom window screen was up and her laundry basket was pushed away from the window.  This case is being investigated.

11:07 PM-   A break, entering and larceny report was made on Royal Road.  Upon arrival an officer met two residents who were on FaceTime with the homeowner.  The two residents stated they left the home around 8:00 PM and turned off all the lights.  They reported having had locked all the doors with the exception of the rear basement door.  When they arrived home at approximately 10:45 PM they noticed the door in the foyer to the basement was opened.  As they walked through the home they noticed two laptops were missing, a laptop charger and a phone charger.  When they went upstairs they noticed several drawers in a bedroom opened and rummaged though.  A woman’s watch was missing.  The linen closet was open and the other bedroom had several drawers open and rummaged through.  Items were on the floor near the closet.  This case is under investigation.

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