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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Wednesday, August 15th

9:45 AM- An officer was dispatched to Monmouth Street for a larceny report.  The complainant spoke of her mother’s apartment missing belongings.  She is in the process of moving from the current apartment to another in the vicinity.  The son of the renter did an inventory on all his moms’ jewelry six months prior which was stored in a specific location in the home.  Today, the caller checked the location of the jewelry and noticed they were gone.  During the moving process, the cabinet where the items are stored had been left unlocked.  This has been the past several weeks.  The victim has several home care aids that come in weekly.  They have full access to the room where the items were located.  This case is under investigation.

3:20 PM- A larceny report was made at the front desk of the Brookline Police Department.  The reporting party stated she was in front of her home on Coolidge Street on 7/23/18 around 2:00 PM.  She was packing her belongings for her trip back home to another state.  She went back and forth to the home while she was packing, leaving items on the sidewalk.  At one point when she went back outside she discovered her travel backpack was missing.  The backpack is described as a L.L Bean backpack, blue, pull out handle, and with wheels.  There were various items in the bag.  She did not report the theft immediately because she thought someone may have turned her belongings into the police.  This case is being investigated.

8:55 PM- Officers responded to Harvard Street for a disturbance call.  The caller claimed an individual entered the store and broke items.  Another witness told police the suspect got on a bus travelling in the direction of Commonwealth Ave.  An officer caught up to the bus and stopped it on Brighton Ave.  Upon boarding the bus the officer noticed an individual matching the description of the suspect from the store.  The suspect exited the bus.  He explained to officers he was agitated due to a verbal confrontation with two parties.  He did not remember entering a store and damaging items.  Officers observed him to be intoxicated.  Brookline Dispatch searched the suspect’s information in the system and found five warrants.  He was made aware of his warrants and placed under arrest.

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