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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Thursday, August 16th

An officer took a report on a stolen bicycle at the station.  The reporting party stated he had left his bicycle in front of Walgreens on Harvard St on Tuesday, 8/14/18 around 10:00 PM.  He believes he secured the bike to the rack with a combination lock.  When he returned on Thursday, 8/16/18 around 10:00 AM he found only his lock still secured to the rack.  The bike is a Trek Dual Sport 2 model, black with green arrows, and aftermarket light system on the handlebars.  This case is being investigated.

4:45 PM- Officers were dispatched to Harvard Street for a shoplifting incident.  Dispatch notified the officers while in route that the suspect was a tall white female, wearing a red shirt and a black backpack that was believed to have entered the store directly next door.  The reporting party with an officer listed items that the suspect took.  She was able to show the officer security surveillance footage to confirm her details.  Another officer recognized an individual fitting the description of the suspect outside the store.  The officer taking the report confirmed the individual was the suspect viewed on surveillance footage.  The suspect confessed to the crime and returned the items.  Court action has been completed.

4:35 PM- While monitoring traffic, an officer noticed a male subject described as a white male, in his teens with a blue red sox t-shirt, black gym shorts, with a gray backpack, carrying what appeared to be a red men’s bicycle on his shoulder with no front tire connected to the front fork.  The officer observed the location from which the suspect came from.  Based on the recent incidents of bike thefts and the unknown party carrying the bike with no front tire, the officer pulled over and made contact with the male party.  He asked him about the bike and ownership.  The male claimed the bike was his, but the bike required specialized shoes to fit the pedals.  After further questions following being Mirandized the officer requested a search from dispatch of the suspects name in the system.  It was made aware that he had a warrant for his arrest.  The suspect was notified of the warrant.  Based on the brand of the bike, the upkeep of the bike not matching the suspects living situation of being homeless, the suspect not having the shoes for the bike and a lack of proof of ownership, the suspect was taken to the station.  The bike was placed into evidence which was later claimed by the owner who had proof of ownership.  The suspect was charged with an active warrant and receiving stolen property.

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