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Monday, August 13, 2018

Thursday, August 9th

1:08 AM- An officer responded to Addington Road for a bat call.  The tenants told the officer they awoke from their sleep because one of them was struck in the head.  When they woke up they noticed a bat flying around their bedroom.  The officer advised the tenants that the incident constitutes a potential exposure to the rabies virus and the bat should be captured and tested.  Animal control was contacted and the tenants were further advised to follow up with their health care providers.  The Brookline Health Department was made aware of the situation as well. 

5:45 AM- A report of a bat inside a home was made on Griggs Terrace.  The caller informed the police that a bat has been in his house for about ten days.  He called an animal control company but they were unable to apprehend the bat.  Today he heard the bat in a room and managed to trap it in a bag.  The officer called Animal Control to capture and test the bat.  The caller was advised to have all possibly exposed parties seek medical treatment. 

7:58 AM- A larceny report was made on Pearl Street.  An employee for an iron working company explained that equipment had been stolen from inside their construction site.  The equipment is big and heavy, requiring more than one person to move and transport them.  This case is under investigation.

10:33 AM- Officers were dispatched to Beacon Street for a report of a shoplifting incident.  The caller claimed the suspect had just left the store and was heading in the direction of The Paper Store.  The caller also gave a detailed description of the suspect.  One of the two store owners noticed an individual spending time by the displays in the rear of the store.  She called her husband, the second owner of the store who was not present at the time.  He activated the security cameras remotely where he viewed the individual take items.  The suspect then asked to use the restroom where he spent a questionable amount of time.  After he left the store, the owner contacted police and checked the bathroom where she found a store tag.  Police apprehended the subject down the street from the store.  The store owner confirmed the apprehended person was the person she viewed and talked with in the store.  The suspect was placed under arrest.

11:31 AM- A shoplifting incident report was made at Stop and Shop Supermarket on Harvard Street.  A store employee explained to the officer that he witnessed the suspect place several items inside his backpack and attempt to exit the store.  He was stopped by the employee before he could leave the supermarket.  The suspect admitted to his actions and agreed to accompany the employee to an office and wait for police to arrive.  When an officer arrived, the suspect was advised of his Miranda Rights.  He then admitted to the crime and two previous shoplifting incidents at the same location and notified the officer of two warrants existing for his arrest.  The warrants were confirmed by the officer.  The suspect was placed under arrest.

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