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Monday, August 13, 2018

Saturday, August 11th

9:23 AM- An officer was dispatched to Kent Street for suspicious activity.  The caller observed an open package by the bushes in front of a home on Kent Street.  She picked up the package and observed the name of which the package belonged too.  She knew the resident and had house-sit for the resident.  She brought the opened package home with her and called dispatch.  Some items were in the package but some were missing.  The owner of the package was contacted.  This case is being investigated.

10:11 AM- An animal bite was reported at Amory Park.  The responding officer spoke with the two dog owners involved.  One dog owner explained that his dog was bit by the other dog owner’s dog.  The officer observed the complainants dogs to have a fresh wound, bleeding on its right rear end.  The dog was transported by the owner to the veterinarian for treatment and a follow-up request from an Animal Control officer was made.

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