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Friday, August 3, 2018

August 2, 2018
2:12 PM
Officers were dispatched to a business on Harvard Street for a past shoplifting report.  The manager stated that several items were taken by a known female shoplifter.  The manager stated that at 12:42 PM a female came in and began to shoplift numerous items of clothing including shirts, hats, backpacks, and flip flops. A total value of approximately $216.00 
After a review of the video surveillance the female party is seen walking through the store and picking up items along the way.  A store employee talks with her and takes back some items that they observed her taking, but she returns to the isles and removes more clothing items before she leaves the store at 12:55 PM.  The party is described as a black female, late teens to twenties, with shoulder length braided black hair that was tied up.  She was wearing a white stripped short sleeve shirt and jean shorts. The manager stated she was unfamiliar with the party, but that other employees recognized her from prior shoplifting events several months back. The police are investigating.

August 3, 2018
3:44 AM
An Officer was working a paid detail and was assigned to the intersection of Amory and Dummer Streets for the overnight Commonwealth Avenue Bridge Project.
The Officer noticed a male party rummaging through a blue vehicle parked on Amory Street. The Officer noticed that it was not the same person who had parked the car there some hours earlier. Previously, when the vehicle was parked, the Officer observed the operator to be an older male who was working at the Bridge Project. He now observed a younger male rummaging through the vehicle. The male then exited the car holding a white cable car charger. He then began walking to Dummer Street, and then taking a right in the direction of Saint Paul Street. The Officer followed the male party and stopped him. During a field interview the male stated that it was his car, however he could not produce keys, or any proof that he owned the motor vehicle. A short time later the male stated that his charger was not working, and when he saw the charger inside the car; he just took it. The suspect was arrested for Breaking and Entering in the Night time. 

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