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Monday, August 6, 2018

Saturday, August 4th

1:19 PM- An officer responded to a call regarding a larceny on Hammond Pond Parkway. 
The caller explained to the officer on scene that around 12:00 PM she was looking through her drawer in her bedroom and noticed it seemed a “little empty”.  Upon looking around she noticed jewelry missing.  These findings led her to inspect her closet.  There she noticed items were moved around.  Her office had been tampered with as well.  The item taken from her office contained personal information regarding her accounts.  The caller looked throughout the rest of the apartment and found no other items to be missing or moved.  After inquiry the officer was made aware that no one else had keys to the apartment besides management or maintenance but, they had not stopped by recently. 
This case is under investigation.

5:35 PM- A report was made on several bicycle thefts occurring to the same Brookline resident.

The first bicycle theft occurred on 7/8/18 to 7/9/18. A blue children’s bicycle was stolen from the reporting party’s front walkway.  The bicycle was unlocked.

The second bicycle theft occurred between the overnight hours of 7/28/18 into 7/29/18.  A blue Giant brand adult bicycle and grey Giant brand adult bicycle were stolen from the caller’s front walkway.  The bikes were locked to each other but not to an immovable object.    

The third bicycle theft occurred in the late evening to overnight hours of 8/1/18 into 8/2/18.  A 2016 silver Raleigh Cadent 2 adult bicycle was stolen from the reporting party’s backyard.  The bicycle and gate leading to the backyard were both unlocked. 

6:00 PM- An officer was dispatched to Highland Road for a report of a theft of a license plate.  The caller stated that he noticed his license plate was missing from the front of his vehicle on 8/4/18 but does not recall the last instance when he saw the plate on the vehicle.  This case is under investigation.

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