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Monday, July 30, 2018

Saturday, July 28th

11:09 AM- An officer arrived on Thorndike Street for a malicious damage report.  The caller stated that she believed a delivery driver from the previous night had damaged her spouse’s vehicle.  The home has a surveillance camera installed near the front doorbell.  The night of the incident the caller was expecting a food delivery by an unaffiliated delivery service from a local restaurant.  She noticed the car pull up to her house and the driver remained inside the vehicle.  The delivery driver called her and stated that he could not find the address and she notified him that he was at the correct address.  When the delivery man came to the door to with the food, the caller and him got into an argument over the delay.  The caller stated that the man left her doorstep angry and hovered around the garage area.  The family had recently purchased a new car which was located in front of the garage.  The morning after, the caller’s husband went outside and found his vehicle significantly scratched on the rear.  The scratches looked like key marks to the observer.  He called the police and his wife made a complaint with the delivery company about the unprofessionalism of the driver and the car scratches.  She knew the first name of the delivery driver and a phone number.  The surveillance camera footage was turned over to police which depicts the suspect scratching the car.  This case is being investigated.

5:00 PM- A report of malicious damage to a motor vehicle was made on Juniper Street.  The caller stated that she left her car in her parking space in the parking lot in the rear of her apartment complex.  She did this on the night of July 27th.  The following day when she went to her vehicle she observed damage to the rear right quarter panel of her vehicle.  She believed it looked as though another vehicle tried to back into the spot next to hers and ended up backing into her vehicle.  The apartment complex has assigned parking.  The complainant stated that she knew who the parking spot belonged to and that the occupier is away for the week.  She has noticed many vehicles not assigned to spaces occupying parking spaces.  The same incident had occurred to the left rear of her vehicle on July 25th but she had not reported it.  The officer observed the damage to both sides of her vehicle.  The complainant stated that the area where her car is located has a lack of lighting and that she finds bottles of urine by her car frequently.  She believes there are parking space trespassers.  There were no security cameras in the area to observe.  The caller was advised to contact her insurance company.

5:21 PM- An officer was dispatched to Heath Street for a report of a larceny.  A student reported that he placed a suitcase in a communal area in the building while he was waiting to leave to return home.  He was scheduled to move out in a few hours.  He left the suitcase unattended for approximately an hour and forty-five minutes.  When he returned to the community room his suitcase was gone.  He contacted campus security who was not able to locate the luggage and advised him to contact police and make a report.

A local utility company responded to a report of a siting of bones on a job site.  An anthropologist determined that the bones were of a horse.

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