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Friday, January 19, 2018



On the morning of January 18, an officer responded to Center St. for a fraud report. The victim had been seeking out services to repair a computer through an online repair company. After the distribution of funds, the victim had been scammed. The case is still active.

                *Online scams regarding “pop-up alerts” are common nationwide. It is easy to accidentally become a victim of schemes, as such. If you receive a pop-up alert notifying you that your computer has a virus or receive phone calls, both in-person and automated, please hang up to protect your bank accounts.

During the afternoon, an officer was dispatched for a graffiti complaint. The caller advised the officer that this was not that first time they had seen this property tagged. Photographs of the tags were taken and a patrolling officer was advised of the damage.

An officer assisted with reporting a stolen license plate on the afternoon of January 18. The victim believes her front plate was stolen off of her vehicle on Village Way. A dispatcher entered the license plate as stolen. The case is active at this time.

An officer was dispatched to Francis St. for a report of a package theft. The victim stated that they had placed an order online and had received a confirmation e-mail that the package had been delivered. Upon arriving home, the victim noticed that her packages had been opened and its contents had been taken. It is uncertain if there are surveillance cameras in or around the building.

An officer was dispatched to Netherlands Rd. for a package theft the evening of January 18. The victims reported receiving a delivery notification but did not notice the package upon arriving home. In addition, the victims reported receiving another delivery notification for two more packages. When they had gone to retrieve them, they were no longer in the foyer. A follow-up is being requested for this case.

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