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Monday, January 15, 2018

1/10/2018 through 1/14/2018


On January 10, an officer was dispatched to Walnut St. for a past Larceny of a Motor Vehicle report. The victim stated that his vehicle had been stolen from his driveway on 1/9 at approximately 23:45 hrs. The victim stated that he had left his keys inside the center console and had failed to lock the doors. The incident is under investigation.

At approximately 14:30 hrs, an officer responded to a parking lot on Beacon St. for an accident involving a pedestrian. The victim stated he was working as a parking attendant and had just closed the lot when a vehicle attempted to enter via the exit lane. The victim told the driver that the lot was full and she needed to back up. The driver began to yell that a spot was open and the victim once again stated that she could not proceed. At this time, the vehicle entered the lot and made contact with the victim’s leg. The victim yelled for the driver to stop but she did not and instead made contact with the victim’s legs again. The victim was not seriously injured and did not wish to pursue the matter. The driver will be summoned to court for A & B with a dangerous weapon.

An officer was dispatched to Kent St. for a past larceny. The reporting party stated that on 1/8 at approximately 20:00 hrs, she had arrived home and noticed three packages delivered for her in the secured vestibule. When the reporting party went back to collect her packages on 1/10, they were gone.

A man came into the police station to report a package theft. The man stated that his package was confirmed as delivered at 18:14 hrs but was not there when he went to retrieve it at 19:00 hrs.


An officer was dispatched to Walnut St. for a report of a past breaking and entering and larceny of a motor vehicle. The reporting party stated that she had parked her vehicle unlocked in her driveway at approximately 20:00 hrs on 1/9. When the woman returned at approximately 7:30 hrs on 1/10, she observed several items removed from the center console. The incident is being investigated.

An officer was dispatched to Kent St. for a report of suspicious activity. The officer located a package that had been ripped open and the contents removed. On 1/12 the officer was able to make contact with the intended recipient who confirmed that the package had been stolen from his residence on Kent St. on January 7th.


At approximately 00:28 hrs, an officer was dispatched to Harvard St. for a motor vehicle accident. The officer was approached by two Lyft drivers who stated they were waiting for their next fare when a vehicle entered the lot and sideswiped one of their vehicles as well as another parked car. The officer approached the stopped vehicle and could smell an odor of alcohol emanating from the driver. The driver had difficulty turning off her vehicle and the officer could observe slurred speech and red glassy eyes. The driver was placed under arrest for Operating under the Influence of Liquor.

A man came into the police station to report a stolen package. The man stated that two packages had been delivered to him from 12/25-1/7, the first had been ripped open with nothing taken and the second had been ripped open with all of the contents removed.

An officer responded to Beech Rd. for a possible bat exposure. The reporting party stated that he and his wife had noticed a bat flying around their home earlier and when he went to capture it, it escaped and flew up to the second floor. The reporting party is working with Critter Control to remove the bat.


Officers responded to Commonwealth Av. to assist with a fight that had just been broken up. One of the victims stated that she and her friend had gone to the bathroom when an unknown male slapped her friend on the buttocks. When they told their male friends they went to confront the guy who then pushed them and threatened to fight if they didn’t leave. When they attempted to leave, they were followed outside by a group of males who then attacked them and stole one victim’s messenger bag. The assailants fled before police showed up. There were no serious injuries. The incident is under investigation. 

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