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Tuesday, May 30, 2017



5:35 pm: Officers responded to a multiple vehicle accident on Boylston Street. The vehicles were travelling eastbound and as traffic began to slow one vehicle crashed into the rear of the vehicle in front of them. As a result, this second vehicle crashed into the rear of the next vehicle. The first operator was issued a citation for following too close and the second and third vehicles were towed. Fortunately, no one was injured.


6:32 pm: Officers were dispatched to a restaurant on Harvard Street for a report of larceny. Two customers were found to have left without paying their bill. Realizing this, an employee attempted to locate the individuals but contacted the police when she was unsuccessful. The restaurants cameras were not able to be accessed at the time, but the owner was contacted. They will review the footage and will turn it over to the police if there is anything of value.

10:22 pm: Two cell phones were reported stolen from a Green Street building. One victim was able to track his phone to a general area, but responding officers were unable to pin point an exact location. The phone had been left in a bag in the buildings coat room the previous evening and could not be found the next day. Security in the building explained that another cell phone was taken from the coat room as well. Both the front doors to the building and the coat room had been unlocked all day (5/27). At approximately 11:55 pm, the department received a call that one of the victims was contacted by an individual saying he wanted to return the cell phone.  A detective and an officer were present during the exchange. The individual returning the phone stated that he had found the phone on the ground near Harvard Street, did not know about the other missing device, and had not been at the Green Street building at the time of the theft. No charges were filed.


9:55 pm: Officers responded to a report of larceny from a business on Commonwealth Avenue. Upon viewing camera footage, it was found that five males entered the business took various items from the front counter area and walked out of the store. When the individuals found that none of the employees noticed they took items they went back in and began rummaging through the shelves. They then appeared to be noticed and ran out of the store. One of the males was confronted by an employee and the employee was able to take a few items from the individual who was still running toward the door. The store delayed calling the police and when police arrived the initial employee was no longer on scene. The stolen items and the surveillance footage were placed into evidence. 


12:15 am: An individual reported to police that his online bank account was tampered with. He stated that his bank’s fraud department had contacted him to inform him of the tampering. No money was transferred or taken from his accounts, but they have been put on hold. The reporting party has a suspicion of who might have attempted to access his account. He was advised to monitor his accounts closely until he can follow up with his bank.

5:42 pm: An individual reported that two of her rings had been stolen. She stated that she left her rings, watch, and glasses in a tray in a changing room during a class on Harvard Street. Approximately two hours later, she returned to the changing room to find her rings missing, but her other belongings still there. There is no security video surveillance on the premises. Staff and clients have been notified of the incident. 

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