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Wednesday, May 31, 2017



7:26 am: Officers were dispatched to a business on Harvard Street to take a report for a B&E that had taken place overnight. The store’s manager explained that when he arrived at work this morning and began his morning duties, he found the roll up gate to the stockroom open. Upon checking security footage of the night before, the manager observed a man open the gate, look around, and enter the stock room.  He is then shown exiting the store with merchandise. The security footage was provided to the police.

On 5/26/2017, officers received a call that a wild turkey had been lurking around Pierce School on School Street. It was discovered that there was a nest with seven turkey eggs near the playground area. There was concern that the turkey may become protective of her nest and attack children at recess. Animal control responded to the location and observed the nest. The Division of Fisheries and Wildlife was contacted and they stated that they would need to consult with their superiors to provide authorization to remove the nest. On 5/30/2017 at approximately 10:58 am, Animal Control received authorization to remove the nest. The seven eggs were removed and transported to a wildlife rehab specialist.

11:00 am: Officers responded to a report of a past Assault & Battery.  A landscaper working on Thorndike Street explained that a contractor hired to work at the same location requested the landscaper’s materials be moved from the front of the property. According to the reporting party, the contractor began shoving the other individual while yelling at him. He also noted that another worker grabbed the reporting party from behind and pulled him away from the aggressor. He stated he was not injured during the incident. An officer spoke to the other party at the original property. He stated that the reporting party became angry with his request, swearing and spitting in his direction. He stated that after this occurred he left the area and he did not want to pursue charges or the matter with the reporting party. He also informed officers that the property owner had arrived during the incident and helped mediate the situation. When contacted, the property owner said he arrived at the scene and intervened in the argument, which he said was not physical. The reporting party informed the property owner that he attempted to spit on the other contractor after he pushed him several times. He then agreed to leave the property and return later to complete his landscaping. Both parties were advised that they would be summonsed to court. 

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