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Friday, June 2, 2017



8:04 pm: An officer was dispatched to Beacon Street at Williston Road for a two car motor vehicle accident. Upon arrival both drivers stated they were not injured. The driver of the first vehicle provided his license and registration. He stated that he had stopped for a red traffic signal on Beacon Street when a motor vehicle behind him collided with his motor vehicle. Minor damage and scratches to the vehicle’s rear bumper were observed. The second driver stated he did not have his license or registration with him, but provided the officer with a picture of his license on his phone. He explained he was travelling behind the first vehicle and as the car came to a stop he applied his brakes, but his brakes gave out and he collided with the motor vehicle in front of him. The officer observed minor damage to the front bumper of this driver’s car. The driver of the second vehicle was found to have a suspended license and a revoked registration status.  He was issued a citation for Operating After License Suspension, Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle, and Following Too Closely. The driver was informed his vehicle would be towed due to having revoked insurance and he would be summonsed to court for the traffic offenses. The driver of the first motor vehicle was provided an accident data form with the other driver’s information.


7:38 am: Officers responded to Brookline Place for a larceny report. A construction employee explained that new concrete floors were being attached to a garage. Welding equipment had been left at the construction site the previous evening. When the employee returned this morning, he noticed copper wire welding leads were missing from the site. It was stated that only an individual working at the site would be aware the welding leads contain copper. Two buildings next to the construction site were found to have cameras. Follow-up by the detective division was requested.

7:58 am: An officer on patrol observed a vehicle travelling on Harvard Street near Green Street. The registration of the vehicle was found to have a status of Revoked for Insurance. The officer conducted a traffic stop on Harvard Street. The driver informed the officer that the car was not his. It was verified that the car was insured, but while the insurance had been renewed, the registration had not. The owner of the vehicle was issued a citation for Unregistered MV. The vehicle was towed and the owner will be summonsed to court.

12:56 pm: While on patrol, an officer observed a vehicle on Harvard Street with an “R” inspection sticker indicating rejection status. A query of the registration indicated the inspection status was within the thirty-day allotment, but acknowledged a default warrant for the registered owner of the vehicle. The officer followed the vehicle and a traffic stop was conducted on Babcock Street. The driver was confirmed to be the registered owner of the vehicle and was arrested and taken to booking charged with the warrant. The vehicle was towed.

5:42 pm: An officer was dispatched to Dana Street for a property damage report. The home owner explained when he returned home from work he saw that his fence post was knocked over adjacent to his driveway. Another resident had informed the owner that he had not seen any damage earlier in the evening. A car may have pulled into the driveway to turn around and struck the fence. A small piece of red paint or plastic was found to be transferred form the object to the fence. Surveillance cameras were not found in the area.

8:00 pm: Officers responded to a call for a report of malicious damage to a bicycle at the intersection of Beacon Street and Powell Street. The owner of the bicycle explained that she had locked her bicycle to the street sign in front of the building’s entrance on Powell Street the previous afternoon. When she returned to it that evening she found it badly damaged and laying on the ground still locked to the sign. The location has both vehicle and pedestrian traffic throughout the day. The lock did not appear to have marks that would indicate an attempt to cut it and the seat and accessories were still on the bike. Based on this, the bike may have been knocked over or fallen on its own. A surveillance camera was located mounted to the entrance of the building on Beacon Street. It appeared to have a view of the bicycle, but management could not be contacted to view the footage at the time. Follow-up was requested and the owner was advised of the Town By-Law regarding locking bicycles to town signs.

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