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Friday, May 26, 2017



4:10 pm: Officers were dispatched to the intersection of Coolidge Street and Gibbs Street for a report of a motor vehicle crash. One vehicle was travelling north on Gibbs Street toward Coolidge Street while the other was travelling east on Coolidge Street. The first operator observed that the other vehicle was not going to come to a complete stop at a stop sign; however, the operator explained he noticed this too late and the second motor vehicle crashed into the rear of his vehicle. The second operator stated she came to a complete stop, but did not see the first operator travelling on Gibbs Street. One vehicle suffered minor rear damage while the second suffered minor front end damage. Both operators stated they were not injured and the second operator was cited for failure to stop.

5:18 pm: An officer was dispatched to a business on Harvard Street where a manager stated that the previous Sunday (5/21) a customer attempted to make a purchase with a counterfeit ten dollar bill. The cashier at the time found the bill to be counterfeit and explained this to the customer who claimed she received the cash from another store and was unaware it was a counterfeit bill. Surveillance footage of the transaction was taken into evidence.

8:32 pm: A Boylston Street employee reported a stolen motor vehicle.  A white van was rented from the business on 5/11 and was meant to be returned on 5/20. The customer had listed a final destination that does not exist in Brookline and when the business attempted to contact the customer they were unsuccessful.

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