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Wednesday, May 24, 2017



5:50 am: Officers were dispatched to a two car motor vehicle crash with possible injuries at the intersection of Boylston and Lee St.

5:30 am: Officers responded to Rawson Road for the B&E of a parked vehicle. The owner stated he left the vehicle unlocked the previous afternoon and when he returned to it the next morning the center console was open and change was missing.

8:00 am: An Officer responded to University Road for a B&E of a motor vehicle. The reporting party stated her vehicle was parked in the driveway the previous night and when she returned to it the following morning she saw it had been rifled through and a bag of change was missing. The reporting party stated she left the car unlocked.

While taking a report for a B&E of a motor vehicle, an officer was approached by a University Road resident who explained that she believed her motor vehicle had also been broken into. The vehicle was parked in the resident’s driveway the previous night and when the owner returned to it the next morning, she found it had been rifled through. At the time she was not sure if anything was missing. The resident stated the vehicle was left unlocked.

9:10 am: Officers were dispatched to Beacon St. and Washington St. for a traffic crash. One vehicle had damage to the right front and rear passenger doors while the second vehicle had significant damage to its front hood and bumper. Information was exchanged between the two parties and they were advised to contact their insurance companies and complete a Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report. One vehicle was towed. Neither party was injured.

12:20 pm: Officers responded to a call for malicious damage on Puddingstone Road. The reporting party explained he had parked his vehicle in his driveway and when he returned a half hour later his right, rear passenger side window was shattered. The device used to break the window could not be located. The car had been left unlocked and no property was missing.

1:13 pm: Officers were dispatched to Beacon St for a report of suspicious activity. The reporting party explained that she had been followed Saturday (5/20) while walking home from work. The individual found that when she increased her pace, the subject following her did as well. After making it to her residence, she observed the subject take a picture of her building and walk away. The subject was described as middle aged with short hair, a scruffy beard, and lean wearing grey sweats. The responding officers were not able to locate any security cameras, but the reporting party stated she would reach out to management to determine if there was any security footage in the area.

A resident reported that her car had been broken into overnight. She explained the vehicle had been parked at the rear of her home the previous evening and when she returned to it the following morning she realized she had left it unlocked, it had been entered, and approximately $2.00 in change had been taken.

6:00 pm: At the intersection of Park St and Washington St, an officer recognized a passenger in a vehicle travelling toward Beacon Street. The officer was familiar with the passenger from previous criminal investigations and it was found the individual had a straight warrant issued for larceny from a building. Dispatch was notified and the vehicle was located at Jette Court. The passenger exited the vehicle as the officer entered the lot. When the individual was addressed and saw the police officer he turned and ran. Dispatch was notified and additional units, including the Boston Police, were requested. The subject was found by officers hiding behind a bush. The subject was placed under arrest. 

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