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Monday, January 27, 2014

1/23/14 through 1/26/14

Police Reports 1/23/2014 through 1/26/2014

On January 23, an officer observed a vehicle speeding on Boylston St. and initiated a traffic stop. Upon approaching the vehicle, an odor of fresh marijuana was detected. The driver was found to be in possession of marijuana and was arrested for Possession of a Class D with Intent to Distribute.
On January 23, a man reported receiving a call from K-Mart in regards to a purchase he did not make. The man reported that a cappuccino maker was purchased using his account despite still having the card in his possession. This matter is currently being investigated.
On January 23, a woman reported being the victim of fraud. The woman reported that she received a letter from her insurance provider in regards to approval for recent medications. When she contacted the insurance company, she was told that someone was using her information to pick-up prescriptions in various pharmacies.

On January 24, an officer observed a vehicle driving on Longwood Ave. with an expired inspection sticker and initiated a traffic stop. The driver was found to be operating with a suspended license and was also cited for failure to submit motor vehicle for inspection, no registration in possession or easily accessible, and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana. The driver was placed under arrest.

On January 24, an officer was dispatched to Aspinwall Ave. for a larceny report. A woman stated that two large trash bins were stolen from the curb the day before.

On January 24, officers were dispatched to Harvard St. & Longwood Ave. for a report of malicious damage. A woman stated that when traveling on Harvard St. she began to make a left turn but had to quickly stop for a pedestrian. The pedestrian then kicked the woman’s driver’s side view mirror and walked away.
On January 25, an officer observed a vehicle traveling on Beacon St. take a right on a red light. A query of the vehicle showed that the registered owner had a suspended license and the officer conducted a motor vehicle stop. The driver was placed under arrest and cited for operating after suspension and failure to stop at a red light.

On January 25, a woman reported a suspicious phone call to a business on Brookline Avenue. An employee stated that she had received a call from a man identifying himself as being from NStar disconnect. The man stated that a payment was needed right away or the electricity would be shut off. The employee said she would have to speak to her supervisor and ended the call. The caller was unable to be reached.
On January 25, an employee at a business on Cypress St. received a suspicious phone call. The man reported a call from someone claiming to be from NStar who said the business had an outstanding bill and a payment needed to be made. The employee terminated the call and contacted the police. The police contacted the caller and were able to confirm that the call was a scam.

On January 25, a woman reported receiving a suspicious phone call. The woman stated that she received a call from an unidentified male who said the woman’s brother was being held against his will. The man said that she needed to pay him or he would kill her brother. Refusing to give more information, the caller hung up and never called back.

On January 26, while monitoring traffic at the intersection of Beacon St. and Washington St., officers smelled a strong odor of burnt marijuana. The officers approached two males who appeared to be smoking and asked for identification. One of the males fled, was found, and was taken into custody. Both males were issued citations for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.
On January 26, officers were dispatched to a business on Commonwealth Ave. for an alarm. Officers found the doors open and a male lying on the floor. The man appeared lethargic and unsure of his previous whereabouts. A search of the man and his backpack yielded drug paraphernalia, marijuana, prescription pills, and mail addressed to people other than the suspect. The male was placed under arrest for Breaking and Entering with Intent to Commit a Felony, possession of a Class E drug, possession of a Class A drug, and receiving stolen property. The suspect was also issued a citation for marijuana possession.

On January 26, a woman reported her debit card number had been stolen. The woman’s card had been put on hold after two suspicious charges that the woman had not made. This matter is currently under investigation.
On January 26, an officer reported to Harvard St. for a report of larceny. A woman stated that while sitting in a restaurant, her purse had been stolen. The police were able to track the woman’s cell phone and find her purse in a trash barrel. The only thing that appeared to be missing was cash.

On January 26, officers were dispatched to Beacon St. for a larceny report. A man had been seen in a store placing items into two shopping bags. When the suspect moved towards the exit without paying, he was stopped by an employee. The suspect put the bags on the floor and left. A man matching the suspect’s description was located on a bus and taken into custody for shoplifting.
On January 26, officers were dispatched to Netherlands Rd. at Aspinwall Ave. for a report of a vehicle driving into the park. Officers approached the vehicle and shouted instructions to the operator to stop. The operator failed to comply and an officer opened the passenger side door and forced the vehicle into park. The driver was uncooperative and smelled strongly of liquor and he was placed in handcuffs once outside of the vehicle. Leaning against a police unit, the suspect began to kick officers and was placed in leg shackles. The suspect was taken into custody and charged with violation of one way, operating to endanger, reckless destruction of property, leaving the scene of property damage, failure to stop for police officer, operating under the influence of alcohol, trespassing, and assault and battery on a police officer.

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