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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Police Reports 1/27/2014

On January 27, an officer observed a vehicle fail to stop at a stop sign in the area of Babcock and Freeman Streets. The officer initiated a traffic stop and found the driver’s license to be expired. The driver was placed under arrest and cited for expired license and a stop sign violation.

On January 27, officers were dispatched to a business on Beacon St. for a report of shoplifting. Employees had seen the suspect walking through the store with a full bag of groceries and attempt to leave through the rear entrance without paying. The suspect was stopped by an employee and he was placed under arrest for shoplifting.

On January 27, an officer responded to a residential complex on Kent St. for a report of larceny. A man stated that on January 24, he had seen a package for himself in the front of the building but when he returned later in the day to retrieve it, the package had been ripped open. This incident is currently being investigated.

On January 27, officers responded to a residence on Homer St. for a report of breaking and entering and larceny. The residents reported that one bedroom had been ransacked and multiple items were missing. The matter is currently under investigation.

On January 27, an officer responded to Beacon St. for a report of malicious damage. A man reported that while at work, someone had thrown a beer bottle at his vehicle, shattering the rear window.

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