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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Police Reports 10/15

Larceny: B/t 9/30 & 10/15 at 6:52pm - Lawton St
Victim reported that her package was taken from her mail.

Revoked Registration: 10/15 at 10:31pm – Beacon/Harvard
A check of a vehicle’s registration revealed a status of revoked license. Operator was issued citations for Revoked Insurance, Unregistered MV, and Revoked Registration.

Fraud: B/t 8/30 & 10/15 at 1:15pm – Beacon St
Victim reported that his contractor failed to complete work that he was hired to do. Contractor failed to return the amount the victim paid him, due to insufficient funds. Contractor will be charged for abandoning or failing to perform project/contract, and failing to credit owner of any payment; under the Regulation of Home Improvement Contractors.

Burglary: 10/12 at 11:30am – Addington Rd
Resident stated that her front door lock of her apartment had been compromised. Resident stated that she had trouble unlocking her door and observed damage around the locking device. Resident also stated that earlier in the day, her nanny heard noises coming from the door but did not see anyone.

Larceny/Auto: 10/14 at 5:00pm – Gerry Rd
Victim reported that she returned to find that the wheels of her vehicle had been removed. Victim stated that she parked into a space that has a row of bushed alongside the curb.

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