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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Police Reports 1/18-1/19

B&E Motor Vehicle: Occurred on 1/18 at 10:45 PM- Armory St.

Officer responded to Amory St for report of a Breaking and Entering and Larceny of a motor vehicle. The victim stated that his vehicle was broken into while he was out of town. The rear left passenger window had been smashed and a satchel had been removed from the back seat.

Larceny: Occurred on 1/18 at 7:47 PM- Beacon St.

At approximately 7:47 PM, dispatch gave out a call where an individual took a backpack from a vehicle while in traffic. The victim stated that he was travelling on Washington St. en route to pick up his daughter. He stated that he had stopped for a red light and heard honking coming from another vehicle. The victim proceeded onto Beacon St. as well as the vehicle that was behind him. The victim stated that the traffic was rather heavy and he stopped in the left travel lane due to another red light. The car that had been honking behind the victim pulled into the right travel lane next to the victim and began to yell at him. The operator of the other vehicle then got out of his car, opened the victim’s passenger side front door, and grabbed his daughter's backpack which was lying on the floor and removed it from his car. The individual got back in his vehicle and proceeded on Beacon St. The victim followed the suspect’s car and was able to take down his license number.

The registration came back to a white Chevrolet Trailblazer. Officers went to the residence listed on the registration in an attempt to locate the offender. The individual admitted that he was involved in the incident on Beacon St. He admitted to getting out of his car, opening up the victim’s car door and pulling out the backpack that was lying on the floor. Based on the circumstances, the individual was placed under arrest for Larceny from a Person.

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