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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


B&E of MV:

Occurred on 12/5 at 11:59 PM – Pearl St.

Officers responded to a report of breaking and entering of an MV. The reporting party stated that he was parking his vehicle in the rear parking lot when he observed a Hispanic male, approximately 5'05" tall, wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and a red baseball cap walking next to some of the vehicles parked in the lot. He observed him walk up to a vehicle and stand around the passenger area for a few minutes. He was unsure of what the individual was doing so he got out and approached him and asked him what he was doing there. The individual was holding an extended coat hanger. The individual then walked away from the area casually towards Pearl St. and the MBTA Green line station.

Officers checked the surrounding area for the suspect but could not locate him. Nothing was reported stolen, and no other vehicles were reported broken into.


Occurred on 12/6 at 1:40 PM – Bonad Rd.

The victim came home and walked into her house, and heard some noises coming from the second floor. She believed that her husband was home so she called out his name, then went back outside to get to get her son from her vehicle. At this time she heard a loud noise and looked up to her second floor bedroom and noticed a window screen being "kicked out" and a subject climbing out the window. This subject stepped out onto a small roof and jumped landing in the front yard, he then ran to the driveway and got onto a large green mountain bike and fled down Bonad Rd to the VFW Parkway. After the subject had landed he dropped several pieces of jewelry onto the front yard.

The subject was described as a W/M, 20yrs, unshaven, 5-9 to 5-10, stocky build, wearing blue jeans, black t-shirt (long sleeve) and a black hat.


Occurred on 12/5 between 5:30 & 5:45 PM – Washington St.

The victim reports that she left her stroller outside on the sidewalk for about fifteen minutes. Her wallet was inside of the baby stroller, in a pocket along the top handle, and when she returned, it was missing.

Occurred on 12/3 at 6:40 PM – Trader Joe’s (1319 Beacon St.)

A larceny victim came to the station to report that she lost her wallet while shopping. She placed the wallet in her shopping cart, and when she went to pay for her groceries, she could not find it. A search of the store did not turn it up.

Malicious Damage:

Occurred on 12/3 between 4:55 PM & 5:20 PM – 1288 Beacon St.

Officers were dispatched for a report of malicious damage. The victim stated she was looking for a parking spot, and saw a vehicle exiting, so waited behind it. As the vehicle was backing out of the spot she beeped because it was getting close to her vehicle. The vehicle continued backing up and she beeped again. The vehicle then pulled back into the spot. There was another parking spot right next to that vehicle so the victim parked her car there. She waited a few moments before she exited her vehicle. When she got out of her vehicle she observed the operator of the other vehicle standing behind his own vehicle. He began staring at her and switching his eyes from her to her vehicle. This struck her as odd so she made note of his license plate.

When she returned to her vehicle at approximately 5:20PM she noticed that the driver's side front door to her vehicle had a large scratch horizontally, approximately 18 inches in length. She walked around her vehicle to check for more damage and noticed another vertical scratch on the trunk approximately 6 inches in length. She suspects that the person she was beeping at is the person that scratched her car due to his odd behavior.

The suspect is described as a white male, 5'8", in his mid 30's, thin to medium build, wearing a black parka and dark skully cap. He was clean shaven and did not have glasses on.


Occurred between 6:15 PM & 2:39 AM – Russett Rd.

Officers responded for a B&E&L report. The victims report parking their vehicle on the street at 6:15 PM, and waking up to move into their driveway at 2:39 AM. It was then that they discovered that the driver’s window was smashed. A GPS was taken. No other vehicles in the area appeared to have been broken into.


Occurred on 12/3 at 12:44 AM – Mountfort St./Carlton St.

Officer M. Lee, was dispatched to the area to assist Boston University Police with a Traffic Crash. The BU officer stated that he was facing Northbound, stopped at the intersection of Carlton St/Mountfort St, when he observed a motor vehicle to his right (on Mountfort St) appearing to be having engine problems, as the headlights were repeatedly turning completely on and off. As he came into full visual range of the front of the vehicle, he observed severe front end damage and the driver’s side airbag had been deployed. The officer approached the vehicle and asked the occupant to identify himself.

After further investigation, he was placed under arrest for Operating Under the Influence of Liquor.

Receiving Stolen Property:

Occurred on 12/2 – Brimmer & May School (Newton)

A Newton Police detective contacted the Brookline Police Department requesting assistance in a larceny investigation which their department was conducting. There had been a report of a larceny of a camera from the Brimmer & May School. The student checked to see if anyone had posted it for sale, and she found an advertisement matching her camera. She created a fake email address and planned to meet the seller at the Brookline Hills train station. The Newton detective, as well as Brookline Police Detective McDonnell and Det. Lt. Lipson, would be there as well for surveillance.

At approximately 7:30pm, an asian male, about high school aged, walking from Cypress St. down Tappan St. towards the train station. The victim informed the detectives that she knew this person, as a student who also attended Brimmer & May.

He was approached and advised of the ongoing investigation. He immediately became nervous and evasive, making attempts to leave. The camera was discovered in his backpack. He was advised of his Miranda Warnings and was placed under arrest for Receiving Stolen Property Over $250.

MV Crash:

Occurred on 12/4 at 11:55 AM – Chestnut Hill Ave.

An officer was flagged down by a taxi driver who had just been in a crash. He stated that he was traveling south on Chestnut Hill Ave when he was hit on the passenger side of his taxi. The driver of the other vehicle was cited for not being duly licensed and will be summonsed into court.

Occurred on 12/4 at 2:57 AM – Reservoir Rd./Middlesex Rd.

Officers were dispatched to for a traffic crash involving a single car. The driver stated that he was traveling on Reservoir Rd towards Middlesex Rd, and because he was unfamiliar with the area, noticed at the last minute that Reservoir Rd ended and he needed to make a left turn onto Middlesex Rd. The vehicle went up onto the sidewalk that leads to a pedestrian bridge over the train tracks. The vehicle sustained major front end damage.

Occurred on 12/3 at 11:30 PM – 1101 Beacon St.

Officers were dispatched for a traffic crash to help exchange papers. MV #1's operator stated he was stopped at the red light travelling east on Beacon Street and Hawes Street. Vehicle #2 stated he was travelling east on Beacon Street and the light was green. Vehicle #2 rear-ended Vehicle #1.

Both vehicles did not require any tow and were released to the owners.

Occurred on 12/3 at 9:05 PM – Beverly Rd./Grove St.

Officers were dispatched to for a two car crash. The operator of MV #1 stated that he was traveling southbound on Grove Street, entered the intersection at Russett Road on a green light, and was stopped and waiting for a break in traffic coming from the opposite direction so that he could make the left turn onto Russett Road. The light turned red and he proceeded to make the left turn towards Russett Road when a vehicle (MV#2) traveling in the opposite direction, northbound on Independence Drive, went through the red light and proceeded through the intersection. That vehicle struck MV #1. The driver of MV #2 claimed that he had the green light. No citations were issued.

Occurred on 12/2 at 3:27 PM – Heath St./Glenland Rd.

Officers responded for a motor vehicle accident. The caller stated that a vehicle had just struck a utility pole opposite his home. The pole had caused damage to the siding of his home.

The driver denied speeding or being distracted in any way.

Pedestrian Accident:

Occurred on 12/2 at 1:52 PM – Beacon/Short St.

Officers responded to a call for a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle. The victim was bleeding from a head wound and was transported to the hospital. The driver was cited for driving on the sidewalk. A request for Immediate Threat-License Seizure was filed with the RMV, and his license and keys were seized.


Handsome Cleaners (1695 Beacon St.)

The owners of the Handsome Cleaners reported the larceny of the quarters deposited into their laundry machines on 11/27. Since then, they had tried to empty the machines twice more, and discovered both times that all the coins were gone. Detectives Crapo and O’Kane installed a surveillance camera in the laundromat on 12/1.

After viewing the footage they observed a white male, in his 20's, enter at approximately 8:10 PM and remain until approximately 8:55 PM. The male is seen wearing dark/baggy clothing, including a Jack Daniels shirt, and carrying a backpack at times, and during the above time frame using some sort of tool to maneuver into the coin trays of the machines and empty the contents out. Prints were also lifted from the machines, and a match came back to someone who had been arrested in Boston.

On 12/4/11, while conducting surveillance of 1695 Beacon St., at approximately 9:49 PM, Detective McDonnell observed an outbound green line train stop at Beacon St. and Tappan St. A white male dressed in dark/baggy clothing and carrying a backpack got off of the train and crossed over towards 1695 Beacon St. McDonnell was able to clearly view the individual’s face and discovered it matched the suspect’s face from the video. The suspect went inside of the Laundromat, which was not occupied by other patrons (although 1 patron's laundry was still in a dryer), used a tool, and attempted to gain entry to several machines. He remained in the laundromat for approximately 10 minutes.

Upon his exit, he made way across Beacon St. and tried boarding an outbound green line train. McDonnell called the name of the suspect aloud, and he turned around. He was placed under arrest, and is being charged with 16 counts of B&E w/Intent to Commit a Felony (Breaking Depository - for the 16 machines which were entered), Larceny from a Building, and Possession of Burglarious Tools, and 2 counts of B&E w/Intent to Commit a Felony (Breaking Depository), Larceny from a Building, and Possession of Burglarious Tools.

Disorderly Person:

Occurred on 12/2 at 2:15 AM – Beacon St./Centre St.

Officer R. M. Collins was travelling west on Beacon St and observed a taxi cab stopped in a lane of traffic at the intersection of Beacon St near Centre St. He observed the two rear doors to this cab fling open quickly into on-coming traffic and two subjects began running east on Beacon St in the roadway through the vehicular traffic. The cab driver was observed jumping out of his cab and yelling at these subjects, waving his hands up and down.

Collins then drove around the block, and observed these same subjects hiding in the rear alleyway behind 1336 Beacon St. A foot pursuit began, and Officers Brothers, Richards and Vragovic also gave chase. The suspects were apprehended and placed into custody for their behavior and for the danger they caused by running in and out of the roadway

After speaking to the cab driver, it was discovered that the two had not paid their fare.

They were charged with disorderly conduct, and additionally charged with Resisting Arrest and Evading a Taxi Fare.

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