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Friday, December 2, 2011


MV/Bicycle Crash:

Occurred on 12/1 at 5 PM – Aspinwall Ave.

Officers responded to the area for a report of a bicyclist who drove into a taxi door. The passenger went to open the back door, after checking out the rear window, and as he opened the door a bicyclist drove by and collided with the door. She suffered a hand injury. The cab driver reported having his signal on and was pulled over to the right to let his passenger out.

Weapons Violation:

Occurred on 12/1 – Brook House

Officers responded for a report of an unattended firearm which had been left inside a vehicle. The security manager at the Brook House requested that a vehicle be towed from the private parking garage due to a parking violation. Upon the tow company arriving, they discovered a loaded handgun in the rear passenger area. The registered owner of the vehicle did possess a Class A- License to Carry a Firearm license, and the handgun did belong to him. However, the weapon was confiscated and his license to carry suspended

He is being charged criminally with Possession of a Loaded Firearm in a Vehicle. A follow-up investigation is being conducted.

B&E&L of MV:

Occurred between 11/28 and 11/29 – Baker Circle

Officers responded to investigate two motor vehicle breaking and enterings. Both were unlocked at the time of the theft. There was no evidence of forced entry into the vehicle. Sunglasses and loose change were reported missing.

Occurred between 11/29 and 11/30 – Summit Ave.

The victim reported that someone tried to gain entry into her vehicle while it was parked overnight in her driveway. The driver's side door had damage to the top part of the door frame, so it appeared that the suspect attempted to pry open the door. Entry was not gained and nothing was reported missing.

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