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Wednesday, December 7, 2011



Occurred on 12/7 at 12:34 AM – Brookline Place

Officer Richards was heading east on Washington St. towards Brookline Ave. when he observed a vehicle on the opposite side of the road blocking one lane of traffic displaying emergency lights. When he pulled in, he noticed the driver standing on the sidewalk talking on her cell phone. Both the driver and passenger side airbags had been deployed on the vehicle, as she had struck a light pole. Fire and ambulance were dispatched to the area.

Richards attempted to question her as to what happened to cause the accident, but had difficulty because she was speaking very slowly and seemed to be having trouble formulating full sentences. He could also detect a strong odor of alcohol when she spoke.

The vehicle and the light pole had extensive damage on them. After further investigation, it was determined that she was Operating Under the Influence of Liquor and was subsequently arrested.

B&E&L of MV Attempt:

Occurred on 12/7 at 12:21 AM – Goddard Ave.

Officers responded for an attempted larceny of a motor vehicle. A caretaker reported that he heard the car alarm go off and came out and saw the car lights flashing and caught a glimpse of a thin, white male wearing a knit stocking cap and a dark jacket and dark dungarees next to the motor vehicle. He then chased the suspect down the drive way which leads to Goddard Ave. and eventually lost sight of the suspect.

The vehicle’s door was still locked, but one of the pieces for the front grill was missing. Nothing else was reported missing at this time.

Pedestrian Accident:

Occurred on 12/6 8:59 PM – St. Paul St./Alton Pl.

Officers responded for a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle. The victim was transported to the hospital for further treatment. The driver did stop and attempt to help the victim. The crash investigation is currently ongoing.

MV Crash:

Occurred on 12/6 at 5:16 PM – Pearl St./Brookline Ave.

Officers were dispatched for a report of an MV crash. The driver of MV #1 stated he was traveling eastbound on Pearl Street and was attempting to take a left hand turn onto Brookline Ave, when he drove directly into MV #2, which was traveling northbound on Brookline Ave.


Occurred on 12/6 at 3:17 PM – Stop & Shop (155 Harvard St.)

Officers were dispatched for a fight in the Stop & Shop parking lot involving 3 females. The victim stated that she was sitting on the bench outside the main entrance when she heard a car behind her sounding its horn. She turned to yell to the person to take it easy, when the driver yelled back. The verbal exchange continued until one of the passengers exited the vehicle and took a swing at her striking her in the back. A second younger passenger exited the vehicle and joined the first and hit the victim in the face. The two females then got back into the vehicle and left the parking lot.

A cell phone was found lying along side the walkway near the bench where the dispute took place. The phone rang a short time later which the officer answered, and told the caller she could come to Stop & Shop to retrieve her phone. When she arrived, the victim identified her as one of the suspects. She will be summonsed into court for Assault & Battery.

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