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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Armed Robbery:

Occurred on 11/28 at 8:15 PM – Buswell St. (Boston)

Brookline Dispatch broadcast a message to respond to St. Mary’s St. Boston University Police received a report for a robbery that had occurred on Buswell St. The victim stated he arrived home at 8:15 PM and was attempting to unlock his front door when a guy came up behind him and punched him in the back of his head. The victim turned around and noticed a can of pepper spray being held in his face. He shoved the pepper spray out of his face and when he did, the suspect proceeded to punch him in the face several times. Another suspect then entered the lobby and took his belongings, while a third was also present. The 3 fled southbound on St. Mary’s St. towards Beacon St. The three suspects were described as follows:

Suspect 1:

Hispanic male

Blue sweatshirt

Baggy jeans

5'10" to 6'0"

Suspect 2:

Black male

Black jacket

Red Hat

Suspect 3:

White male

Checkered shirt with a hood

Officers Gustie, Tam, O'Neill, Kajita, Detective McDonnell Sergeant Ferris responded to the area to search for the suspects. BUPD officers located three subjects matching the descriptions on Amory St. They were arrested and charged with the crime of Armed Robbery. One of the suspects is additionally being charged with Unlawful Possession of Mace/OC, because he was unable to produce a valid FID card which would allow him to carry the OC Spray.

While the suspect was being transported back to the station, Kajita and Tam canvassed the area in an attempt to possibly locate the victim's property. A backpack was located in Amory Park, containing a sweatshirt and an iPod. The victim confirmed the iPod was his.

MV Crash:

Occurred on 11/28 at 6:35 PM – Coolidge Corner

An officer on patrol in Coolidge Corner observed a hit and run motor vehicle crash. Vehicle #1 was rear ended by Vehicle #2, which then proceeded southbound on Harvard Street without stopping. Officers were able to locate the fleeing vehicle and pulled it over right before Washington St.

The driver of the hit vehicle had an expired license and was issued a citation. The driver of the fleeing vehicle was cited with Leaving the Scene of an Accident/Property Damage and Failure to Stop for a Police Officer.

Occurred on 11/26 at 1:09 PM – Boylston St./Philbrick Rd.

Officers were dispatched for the report of a three car vehicle crash. According to the operator of Vehicle #3, he was traveling on Boylston Street when he rear ended Vehicle #2. The impact pushed Vehicle #2, into Vehicle #1. One operator was transported to the Brigham and Woman's Hospital for injuries.


Occurred on 11/27 at 2:38 PM – Star Marker (1717 Beacon St.)

Officers were dispatched to Star Market for a past shoplifting incident. The assistant store manager stated that there were two suspects that were using the "Self Checkout" machine to pay for their groceries. 15 minutes after the suspects left, Star Market staff discovered the "Self Checkout" machine they used still had the screen asking the customer for payment. Based on that information, the customers that used that machine never paid for their groceries. Surveillance video revealed the two suspects scanning all their items and then using a card to swipe on the credit card machine.

The suspects on the video consisted of a white male and white female. Both suspects appeared to be in their early 20's. The male suspect had black hair, and was wearing a gray sweatshirt and jeans. The female suspect had blonde hair, and was wearing a white tank top inside a gray sweatshirt, and jeans.

Star Market is attempting to identify the card user.

Occurred on 11/26 at 4:41 PM – The Gap (306 Harvard St.)

Officers responded to The Gap for a report of shoplifting. A Loss Prevention employee stated that he observed two females enter the store from the rear entrance, which he recognized as shoplifting in there previously. These two subjects went to the kid's section of the store. Suspect #1 distracted employees by asking help in finding certain items, while Suspect #2 proceeded to grab a number of clothing items. Suspect #2 then met up with Suspect #1 and placed the items into her bag. The two then attempted to leave the store, when the employee confronted them and asked them to remain in the store. Suspect #1 seemed to be compliant and pulled out five items that had been taken from the store. Suspect #2 grabbed the items from Suspect #1, handed the items back to the employee, and stated she would not be going anywhere with him. They both then left the store with five other items. They traveled west on Beacon St.

Suspect #1 is described as a black female, 5'9, 130lbs, with long straight black hair, and two "dot" tattoos under her left eye. She was wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, grey jeans. She was carrying a large pink H&M bag and a grey purse.

Suspect #2 is described as a black female, 5'5, 120lbs, with long straight black hair, with angel wings tattoo on lower back. She was wearing a black jacket, orange t-shirt with white lettering, blue jeans, and brown boots. She was carrying a pink Victoria's Secret bag.

Several officers responded and searched the area, but were unable to locate the suspects.

The employee stated the Suspect #2 comes in frequently to shoplift, often times with others, and he believes that the group has stolen from other Gap stores in Copley Square, Faneuil Hall, Wellesley, and Chestnut Hill.

Occurred on 11/25 at 12:24 PM – CVS (730 Commonwealth Ave.)

The store manager reported that she observed a white male stealing items off the shelves in aisle 2 and then placing them into a backpack. The area where the suspect was stealing is mostly non-prescription cold medicine. As the suspect began to exit the store, the manager confronted the man at the front door. She noticed he had a small San Disk in his hand which she demanded back from the suspect, who complied with her request, and then left the store.

The suspect is described as a white male, 20's, 6 feet tall, close-cropped blond hair wearing a black puffy jacket, Gray T-shirt underneath, grayish jeans, sneakers and had a black backpack. He could not be located.

Malicious Damage:

Occurred on 11/27 at 11:40 AM – 1853 Beacon St.

Officers were dispatched to the rear of 1853 Beacon St. for a malicious damage report. The victims rent 3 parking spaces from the Chinese Christian Church, and recently they have noticed a pattern of nails puncturing their rear tires. The previous incidents were not reported, but occurred in November 2010, and July and twice in November of 2011.

The parking lot does not have any locking gates. The church does not have any surveillance cameras.

Occurred on 11/27 between 6:30-11:30 PM– Browne St.

Officers responded for a malicious damage report. The victim reported that while he and his wife were out, someone had sliced the child seat restraint straps on their stroller which they left in the lobby. He stated that a similar incident had occurred approximately 2-3 weeks previously, but they did not report it to the police. They left at 6:30 PM, and only one strap was cut from the previous incident. Upon returning at 11:30 PM, the second strap was discovered to be cut.

Occurred Overnight, 11/22 -11/23 – (1100 Beacon St.)

Officers were dispatched for a report of a hit and run crash. The victim stated her vehicle was stuck while parked in the rear of 1100 Beacon Street sometime overnight. There was a moderate size dent to the driver's side of the car, but no heavy scratches left on the vehicle or paint. It appeared to be damage from another vehicle that was attempting to park near her vehicle. The victim was advised to contact her insurance company.

Occurred on 11/23 – Brookline Ave.

The victim reported parking his vehicle at 6:30 AM and feeding the meter at 9 AM. He returned at 12 Noon to discover the passenger side mirror was damaged and the passenger side rear tire was slashed.

Larceny from Auto:

Occurred on 11/26 between 1:20-1:30 PM – 888 Commonwealth Ave.

Officers were dispatched for a B&E and Larceny from a motor vehicle. The victim works as a contractor and stated that his two vehicles were broken into and items were taken. He said that at approximately 1:20 PM, one of his workers went to retrieve something from one of the vehicles, and neither vehicle had been broken into at this time. Approximately 5-10 minutes had passed when the victim returned to this vehicle and noticed that the driver's side window of his van had been smashed and the GPS that was attached to the windshield was missing. A briefcase containing personal papers and his check book was gone, as well as some cash.

The GPS from the other vehicle was also gone, as were the owner’s manual and vehicle registration.


Occurred on 6:14 PM – Beaconsfield Rd.

Officers responded to take a larceny report. The victim stated that she had a package delivered by UPS and that it was stolen from her doorway. According to the tracking of the package, it was delivered at 3:38 PM, and it did not require a signature, so it was left in the doorway. The package contained a video camera.

Occurred between 11/17-11/25 – 1695 Beacon St.

Officers responded to a Laundromat to take a larceny report. On November 25th, the owners attempted to retrieve quarters from some machines, but discovered none of the machines had quarters in them. They should have been full because they had seen people using the machines since they last time they collected the coins on November 17th.

On November 28th, the owners again attempted to collect the coins from the same machines, and again discovered that they were empty, when they should’ve been full from use over the weekend.

The family suspects someone has a copy of the master key for the coin box, because there were no signs of forced entry or damage to the machines. Machines with a different key for their coin box were not tampered with.

Occurred on 11/27 at 12:25 AM – Columbia St.

Officers were dispatched to Columbia St. for a larceny report. Victim #1 explained he had returned home from an evening out at approximately 12 AM. When he came home one roommate (Victim #2) was studying in the kitchen. Another roommate (Victim #3) was asleep in his room. Victim #1 put his 2 cell phones on the living room table and went up to bed. Approximately 20 minutes later, Victim #2 went up to his room, and returned downstairs at approximately 4 AM to discover his laptop was missing from the kitchen. He texted Victim #1 to ask if he took it while he was upstairs, and he said he did not. Victim #1 then came downstairs and discovered that the two cell phones he had left on the table before going upstairs were also missing. They also noticed that Victim #3’s piano keyboard was missing from its stand. Several more items were discovered missing, and one of the victims reported his house keys had been missing for awhile.

There were no signs of a forced entry and they believe all doors to the apartment were locked.

Occurred on 11/26 – J.P. Licks (311 Harvard St.) & T.J. Maxx (525 Harvard St.)

A larceny victim came into the police station to report that her bag was taken from the back of her chair while she was seated at J.P. Licks. She didn't realize her bag was missing until she was leaving. It contained cash, credit cards, and cell phones.

It was later discovered that the victim's credit cards were found in possession of 2 suspects arrested for a similar crime at T.J. Maxx (525 Harvard St.)

At 2:25 PM Dispatch received a call for units to respond to the area of 525 Harvard St., T.J. MAXX, for a larceny from a person. The victim of the pick pocketing called and gave the description of the vehicle the suspect fled in.

Boston University Officers were in the area of Park Drive and Buswell St. and were monitoring the broadcast of the description when the vehicle passed by them. They stopped the vehicle on The Fenway, with a male driver and a female passenger inside. The driver was discovered to have an expired non renewable operator's license. The operator and passenger were asked to exit the vehicle, and a pat frisk was conducted due to the vehicle matching the description of the vehicle in the robbery. Credit cards belonging to the victim of the larceny at JP Licks were discovered.

A show-up identification was conducted with the victim of the T.J. Maxx pick pocketing, and the male was positively identified. He was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle without a license, larceny from a person, receiving stolen property, and conspiracy. The female passenger was also arrested for larceny from a person, receiving stolen property, conspiracy, and possession of stolen credit cards.

Several more cards found to be belonging to the JP Licks’ victim were discovered in the vehicle under the driver’s seat.

Occurred on 11/23 – Panera Bread (888 Commonwealth Ave.)

An individual came to the police station to report she was the victim of a larceny. She state she was sitting at Panera Bread having lunch with her friends, and she placed her purse down by her side. When she was done with her meal, she noticed her purse had been stolen. During the meal, one of her friends noticed a black male with short hair and a birthmark on his cheek standing behind the victim.

The victim was in the process of canceling her credit cards, when she was notified that one of them was used at a CVS store.

Occurred between 11/20-11/22 –Kent St.

Officers responded to a radio call for a larceny report. The victims stated a purse was stolen from inside their room sometimes between Sunday and Tuesday mornings. Several important documents were inside the purse.

The only entry points to this room were through the front door and through the window. There was no damage to either of those locations.

The manager stated she spoke with her staff and nobody was inside this room during that period. There have been no other reports by residents of anything stolen from their rooms. There were surveillance cameras in the common areas of the building but not in front of this specific door.

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