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Friday, July 8, 2011



Occurred at 5:30 AM (7/8) – Devotion School

Officers responded to a report of larceny of a backpack in the area. A male was sleeping on a bench in front of the school between 3:30 AM and 5:30 AM and when he awoke, he discovered his backpack missing. Some of the missing items were recovered nearby.

Occurred at 1:36 AM (7/8) – Brookline Ave./Aspinwall Ave.

Officers responded to the area for a report of attempted robbery. A female was walking on Brookline Avenue. When she passed the park, a male approached her from behind and grabbed her purse, which she was able to hold on to. The male gave up and ran down Aspinwall Ave. Officers are continuing their investigation following a description given by the victim and a security tape retrieved.

Found Property:

Occurred at 11:38 PM (7/7)

A cab driver came to the police station to drop off a set of keys he had found in the back of his cab at the end of his shift. The keys are being held at the police station.

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