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Thursday, July 7, 2011



Occurred at 12:56 PM (7/6) – Washington St./Greenough St.

An officer reported observing a teenage boy walking along Washington Street carrying a red Roadmaster men’s bicycle. The boy then left the bicycle at the corner and walked away. The officer took the bicycle in for safe keeping. There were no reports of a similar bicycle stolen recently.

Occurred at 9:55 AM (7/6) – Harvard St./Aspinwall Ave.

Officers responded to the area for a report of a larceny of a purse. The victim placed her wallet on the window ledge of a store and bent to the sidewalk to tie her shoe. When she rose, her wallet was gone, which contained a cell phone, credit cards, and large amount of money. She described a male standing nearby, who was gone when she rose.

Occurred at 9:00 AM (7/6) – White Pl.

Officers responded to the area for a report of larceny of a scooter. The victim had parked it the night before and locked only the steering wheel. The scooter was described as an orange Buddy 125. No suspicious activity was reported in the area by neighbors of the victim.

MV Incidents:

Occurred at 6:29 AM (7/7) – Longwood Ave./St. Paul St.

An officer observed a vehicle run the red light on St. Paul St. The officer conducted a traffic stop, and the driver of the vehicle produced the registration of the vehicle as well as a foreign passport. When asked for his license he stated he had a foreign license as well. When the officer ran his information, he discovered warrants for the driver’s arrest for incidents in Somerville. He received citations for the traffic offenses, and was placed under arrest for the warrants.

Occurred at 12:10 AM (7/7) – Harvard St./Beacon St.

An officer observed a vehicle traveling greater than the speed limit along Beacon Street. and then speed through a red light. The officer pulled the vehicle over at the next light, and asked the driver to provide his license and registration. When the officer ran the information, it turned out the registration was revoked and the vehicle was uninsured. The driver was issued several citations.

Occurred at 9:50 AM (7/6) – Harvard St./Columbia Rd.

Officers responded to the area for a report of a MV hitting a bicycle. The motorist was making a right turn when the cyclist’s back wheel was struck, causing damage to the rim and tire as well. The cyclist fell and suffered minor injuries, but declined transport to a hospital. The driver was issued a citation for failure to use caution when entering an intersection.

Occurred at 9:31 AM (7/6) – Harvard St./Longwood Ave.

Officers responded to a report of a hit and run accident. The driver who was left at the scene reported stopping at a crosswalk to allow pedestrians to cross, when she was struck from behind by a taxi cab. Both drivers pulled over, and when the driver who was struck went to retrieve her cell phone, the taxi cab driver fled the scene.

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