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Wednesday, July 6, 2011



Occurred at 1:45 PM (7/3) – Chestnut Hill Ave./Dean Rd.

Officers responded to a 3-car MV crash. The operator of one of the vehicles reported she was struck from behind by a man driving a black motor vehicle who fled from the scene. The momentum from this crash caused her to strike the vehicle in front of her, which struck the vehicle in front of it. Officers observed the front of her vehicle had extensive damage, while the rear had minor scratches. The driver of the second vehicle reported that the driver of the first vehicle had come up behind her very fast and had struck her vehicle. She did not observe anyone fleeing the scene. The driver of the third vehicle reported being struck by the second, and this driver also did not observe anyone fleeing the scene. The officer issued the first driver a citation for failure to use care while stopping, and placed her under arrest for an outstanding warrant from the Cambridge District Court.

Occurred at 4:17 AM (7/3) – Harvard St./Fuller St.

An officer observed a motor vehicle traveling on Harvard St. without headlights on, which were required at that time of night. A motor vehicle stop was conducted. An odor of alcoholic beverage emanated from the vehicle, and the driver’s eyes appeared glassy and bloodshot. Upon inquiry, the driver stated that he had been drinking that evening. After further investigation, he was placed under arrest.

Occurred at 8:15 PM (7/2) – Village Way

Officers responded to the area for a report of a motor vehicle accident involving an injured pedestrian. The driver claimed to have been operating the vehicle at a slow speed, when the victim ran out in front, causing the accident. When speaking with the driver, the officer reported a strong odor of marijuana emanating from his person. He was asked if he had smoked marijuana today and if he was in possession, and he stated he had been smoking, and that he had some marijuana in his jacket pocket. He was arrested at this time, and the marijuana was located. After observing other physical signs from the driver, the officer believed the driver’s ability to safely operate his vehicle had been impaired, leading to the charge of Operation Under the Influence of Drugs.

Occurred at 6:25 PM (7/1) – Washington St./Pearl St.

An officer observed a person who is known to the department from previous interactions and has 3 active warrants. He also has a stay-away from Brookline order as a condition of his probation. The officer parked his vehicle and approached the individual on foot, and a pursuit ensued on Washington Street. Several officers were dispatched at this time as the individual continued to give chase. The individual jumped over a fence into a backyard of an apartment building, where the officers were able to apprehend him. He is being charged with Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest, in addition to his outstanding warrants.


Occurred at 9:00 AM (7/5)- Station St.

An individual reported parking his bicycle at 6 am and returning at 7 am to discover it missing. The bike is a blue men's Univega 12 speed, with a 19" frame. It had a soft lock on the frame at the time it was stolen. It has an approximate value of $300.00

Occurred at 7:03 PM (7/4) – Dummer St.

A bicycle was reported stolen from the area, and it was last seen on 6/13. It’s a custom made GT BMX bike that was chrome in color, and the spokes are chrome as well.

Occurred at 3:00 PM (7/4) – Woodland Rd.

Officers reported to a residence for an attempted Breaking and Entering. The homeowners showed the officers a side door which had been damaged during the attempt. Police are investigating.

Occurred at 8:00 PM (6/30) – Netherlands Rd

A black Treck women’s mountain bike, valued at $800, was last seen on 6/27 and was reported missing on 6/30 from the victim’s garage.

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