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Friday, July 29, 2011



Occurred at 1:08 AM on 7/29 – Washington St./Beacon St.

An officer on patrol noticed a vehicle with an expired registration sticker and initiated a traffic stop. A query returned that the registration was up to date, but the registration sticker had not been placed on the vehicle, which is a motor vehicle violation. After asking the driver for license and registration, it was revealed that the driver had a suspended license, but was driving the passenger’s mom’s car because the passenger was intoxicated. The driver was then arrested.

When the passenger was informed that the vehicle would be towed and how she wanted to get home, she became belligerent and was placed into protective custody.


Occurred Overnight, 7/27-7/28 – Harvard St./Coolidge St.

A business owner reported his front door broken and slightly ajar this morning. The deadbolt appeared to have been forced open with a tool. Nothing was reported missing at the time of the report.

Bicycle/MV Accident:

Occurred at 4:13 PM on 7/28 – Horace James Circle

A cyclist was cycling in the rotary in the right lane and attempted to continue straight when a vehicle in the left lane attempted to make the right turn and struck her. There were no reported injuries, but the motorist will receive a citation for failure to give the right of way to a cyclist in a rotary.

Found Property:

Occurred at 2:53 PM – Beacon St./Amory St.

A lost credit card was turned in and is being held for safekeeping at the station.

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