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Monday, August 1, 2011



Occurred at 3:44 PM on 7/31 – Washington St./Harvard St.

A caller requested officers remove an unwanted person from their business who they believed was using drugs in their bathroom. When officers arrived and queried his name, it was revealed there was a warrant for his arrest issued by Edgartown District Court. He was arrested, and inventory of his belongings revealed several Class B, C, and D drugs in his possession.


Occurred at 1:01 AM on 7/30 – Boylston St./Cypress St.

An officer observed an operator make an illegal U-turn, and then turn the wrong way down a one way street, and initiated a motor vehicle stop. After further investigation, it was revealed that the operator was intoxicated, and was arrested and charged accordingly.

Occurred at 8:55 PM on 7/29 – Harvard St./Verndale St.

Officers responded to a motor vehicle accident in the area. Vehicle #1 was traveling on Harvard St. when Vehicle #2 exited from Verndale St. and struck the rear of Vehicle #1. Vehicle #2 was attempting to make a right turn on red when it struck the other. After further investigation, it was revealed that the operator of Vehicle #2 was intoxicated. He was arrested and charged with an OUI, as well as failure to use care when making a right turn on red.


Occurred Overnight, 7/31-8/1 – Gorham Ave.

An individual reported an attempted burglary overnight. Pry marks were observed on her door frame, however entry was not gained into the apartment.

Reported on 7/30 – Westbourne Terrace

Officers responded to a report of a burglary. The victims had been away from their apartment for a week and returned to a damaged apartment door and electronics and jewelry missing.

This may be related to the breaking and entering which occurred on 7/26 on the same street, where the victims reported several expensive electronics missing.

Occurred 3:30-4:30 PM on 7/30 – Beacon St./Hawes St.

Officers responded to the area for a reported breaking and entering. The lobby door appeared to be damaged, and the door of the apartment had been pried open. Several pieces of expensive jewelry were reported missing.

Occurred Overnight, 7/28-7/29 – Station St.

A café in the area reported a burglary. The bread deliverer had arrived at 5:30 AM and discovered the front door unlocked. The cash register was missing the cash that had been left in it overnight. Pry marks were observed on the door frame.

MV Accident:

Occurred at 5:15 PM on 7/29 – Harvard St./School St.

Two vehicles were traveling in opposite directions on Harvard St. Vehicle #1 went to make a left turn onto School St., and failed to yield to Vehicle #2, striking it head on. The operator of Vehicle #2 was transported to the hospital, and the operator of Vehicle #1 was issued a citation for Failure to Yield to a Motor Vehicle.

MV Theft:

Occurred Overnight, 7/30-7/31 – Babcock St.

An individual reported leaving her vehicle unlocked overnight in a parking garage. When she returned, she noticed several items in disarray and her GPS device missing.

Occurred at 8:53 PM on 7/29 – Boylston St./Washington St.

An officer on patrol noticed a vehicle traveling with a broken brake light. It continued to travel recklessly before being pulled over. In asking for a license and registration, it was revealed that the vehicle was being used without the authority of the owner, and the operator had a revoked license. He and his passengers were arrested and charged accordingly.

Found Property:

Occurred at 11:31 PM on 7/31 – Washington St.

A bicycle was discovered and it’s being held for safekeeping at the station. It’s described as Black Genesis XR26, 21 Speed.

Occurred Overnight, 7/29 – Sterns Rd.

A man reported someone had left 2 bicycles in his driveway sometime overnight. One of the bicycles has been claimed by its owner, and another, a blue Nishiki 1207 with a Kryptonite lock on its frame and front wheel, is being held at the station for safekeeping.

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