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Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Occurred at 1:25 PM on 7/26 – Beacon St./Carlton St.

An officer observed an individual cycling close to parked vehicles and look inside each one as he passed. The officer also noticed a screwdriver protruding from his back pocket. The individual was stopped and questioned about his intentions, and due to observing the screwdriver and the evasive answers he was giving, a pat frisk was conducted, which revealed a large folding knife in his front pocket. A social security card was also discovered, and the name was one known to Boston and Brookline Police for past burglary offenses. As the officer radioed to dispatch, the individual pushed the officer backwards and pedaled away.

The officer pursued him on foot, and he was eventually captured on Kilmarnock St. He was arrested for A&B on a Police Officer, Possession of Burglarious Tools, Disorderly Person, and Resisting Arrest. 3 cars were damaged by his bike handlebars in a parking lot the individual fled through . He is additionally being charged with 3 counts of Willful and Malicious Damage to Personal Property. Several items believed to be stolen were found in a backpack he had dropped in flight.


Occurred between 12:50 and 3 PM on 7/26 – Westbourne Terrace

Officers responded to a reported breaking and entering and larceny. The victims reported several expensive electronics missing from their apartment which was unoccupied during the above hours. Entry may have been made through an unlocked front door.

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