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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 3rd-7th Police Reports

September 3rd-7th Police Reports

Tip of the week: Periodically checking one's credit/debit transactions/withdrawals is another means of preventing oneself from identity theft and fraud

Breaking and Entering of Motor Vehicle

  • Occurred between 11:00PM (9/7) and 12:29AM (9/8) – 320 Hammond Pond Pk.

Victim reported having found the front passenger side window of his car smashed. Victim stated that the only item taken was a GPS. Detectives will be processing the vehicle.


  • Occurred between 12:00PM (9/5) and 2:00PM (9/7) – 1011 Beacon St.

Victim reported having found graffiti marks on the side of his restaurant. Victim had found a ladder that he thinks could have been used for roof access. Police are following up on the case.

ID Fraud

  • Occurred between 12:45PM (9/4) and 1:00PM (9/4) – Beacon St.

Victim informed police that her stolen wallet held a debit card that had been fraudulently used several times. Victim was able to contact the bank and cancel her credit/debit card. Detectives will be following up on the case.


  • Occurred 9:30PM (8/28) and 12:00PM (8/29) – Washington St/Salisbury Rd

Victim reported that his bike had been stolen. Victim stated that he had secured the bike to a town sign. The bike had not been removed by the town.

  • Occurred 8:00PM (8/31) and 7:00PM (9/1) – 17 Stearns Rd.

Victim reported that his bike had been stolen from the tree it had been secured to. Victim stated that he had locked the bike using a cable bike lock. Police attempted to contact other tenants of the victims building but no one seemed aware of the situation.

  • Occurred 12:10PM (9/4) – 1550 Beacon St.

Victim reported that his arm chair and toaster oven had been stolen from the common area of her apartment building during a moving process. Victim stated that the moving company is currently investigating the incident. Police will be notified once the surveillance footage has been reviewed.

  • Occurred 9:36AM (9/5) – 294 Harvard St.

Police responded to a local store for a report of an elderly female that had been caught stealing. Police advised her of a no trespass order they will be issuing in regards to the store. Suspect was also advise that she will be summonsed to court for shoplifting.

  • Occurred 8:38PM (9/5) – 1 Muddy River PK.

Victim reported that his backpack was stolen from a park bench. Victim stated that the items within the backpack were: a Macbook Pro laptop, the laptop charger, a wireless mouse, a college algebra textbook, and a Verizon phone charger. Victim didn’t find any suspicious individual in the area.

  • Occurred 9:23PM (9/5) – 224 High St.

Victim reported that her purse had been stolen from a park bench. Victim stated that the three individuals present at the time were well acquainted with her. Victim gave the name of one of the individuals she suspected. Police questioned the suspect. Police are following up on the case.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred 2:58PM (9/3) and 3:01PM (9/3) – 1514 Beacon St.

Victim reported that a pane of his condo’s glass window was found broken. Victim stated that before the break he had heard a loud sound of breaking glass. A crab apple sized pod was found on the kitchen floor. The pods grow in the rear of the condo. Police checked the rear of the building.

  • Occurred between 5:00PM (9/3) and 8:44AM (9/4) – 101 Abbottsford Rd.

Victim reported that the lower portion of his vehicle’s rear window had been smashed. Nothing was found to have been missing from the vehicle. Police are following up on the case.

  • Occurred between 1:25AM (9/5) and 1:50AM (9/5) – 78 Winthrop Rd

Officers responded to a call in regards to caller having been awoken by the sound of breaking glass. Upon observation police discovered that the caller’s house had egg residue all over the front side and broken glass from the upper story storm window.

A passerby told police that he had seen two individuals run down the street. The two suspects were described to have been kids.

  • Occurred between 11:53PM (9/5) and 12:10AM (9/6) – 78 Winthrop Rd.

Police reported for the second time to victim’s house for another report of having been awoken by breaking glass. Victims stated that they don’t have any enmity with any neighbors since they had just moved in. Police will be surveying the area during the hours in which both incidents occurred. Detectives will be following up on the case.

  • Occurred between 7:30PM (9/4) and 3:30PM (9/6) – 158 Naples Rd.

Victim reported that she found footprints on the back window, roof, and front hood of her car. Police observed a minor dent on the hood. Victim wanted to file a report for insurance purposes.

Operating after Suspension

  • Occurred between 2:12AM (9/4) and 2:45AM (9/4) – Boylston St/Lee St

Suspect was stopped by police due to a traffic violation. Suspect was asked for his license and registration. Suspect’s registration was found to have been revoked and his license had been suspended. Suspect was issued a citation for Right of Center, uninsured MV, unregistered MV, and operating after license suspension. Suspect was advised that he will be summonsed to court for the offenses.

  • Occurred 1:21AM (9/7) – Walnut St/High St.

Suspect was stopped by police after having driven through a red light. Suspect’s license was suspended. Suspect was placed under arrest. Suspect will be charged with a red light violation and operating after suspension.

Violation of Restraining Order

  • Occurred between 9:00PM (9/4) and 10:00PM - Winthrop Rd

Police were notified by the victim in regards to her offender having violated the restraining order she had against him. Police were able to locate suspect and arrest him without incident.

Warrant Default

  • Occurred 5:52PM (9/4) – Walnut St/Fountain St Roxbury

Police had been investigating a series of larcenies involving two particular suspects. Police had been able to locate the suspects. Both suspects were placed under arrest.

  • Occurred 12:07AM (9/5) – Grove St/Walnut Hill Rd

Police responded to report of an intoxicated male in the roadway. Suspect was unable to provide any identification. Police were notified that the suspect had a default warrant for unlicensed operation. Suspect was advised of the warrant and placed under arrest.

Warrant: Traffic Violation

  • Occurred 10:51PM (9/7) – Dunster Rd/Boylston St

Suspect was stopped for a speeding violation. Police were informed that suspect had a warrant for his arrest. Suspect was placed under arrest for the warrant. Suspect was issued a citation for red light violation and speeding.

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