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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 16th Police Reports


Occurred at 7:33PM (7/16)- 100 Harvard Street

Cheryl Jackson was arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon (knife), giving a false name to police, possession of a class B substance (cocaine), and receiving stolen property.

Police responded to a call from a cab driver who claimed to be the victim on an assault. The driver explained he had picked up a woman later identified as Cheryl Jackson, and she did not have enough money for the fare. When attempting to get the woman to exit the vehicle the driver reported Jackson got out of the vehicle reached in her bag took out a large kitchen knife, and began walking towards him. He backed up away from Jackson and proceeded to be chased around the cab by Jackson. Jackson then attempted to break the fare meter located inside the cab. When police arrived they noticed Jackson who was still visibly acting in a belligerent manner yelling at the victim. Officers noticed a large knife in the bag she was carrying and she seemed to be heavily intoxicated. She became uncooperative with the officers, and was unable to provide her name.. Jackson was arrested and brought to the station. While being booked Jackson gave false names to the police and an inventory search yielded a glass pipe which tested positive for cocaine. A further investigation led officers to the supermarket where Jackson was originally picked up by the victim. When police spoke with employees at the store it was learned Jackson had stolen several items, which she had in her possession at the time of arrest.

Aggravated Assault

Occurred at 3:54PM (7/16)- 68 Harvard Street

Victim reported that one his tenants became belligerent with him the afternoon of the 15th. The woman later identified as Julie Katz, tried to enter the victims office, when asked to leave she pushed the door slamming it into the victim. The suspect repeatedly attempted to gain entry to the office through physical force. The victim suffered minor cuts and bruises as a result of this. The suspect will be summoned to court for assault with a dangerous weapon (door).


Occurred between 11PM (7/15) and 7:30AM (7/16)- 41 Hammond Pond Parkway

Police responded to the scene where victim reported that sometime overnight someone had broken into her house and stole several of her belongings. The suspect gained entry to the house through a basement window which was forced open. The suspect stole the victim’s purse which contained around $1300 in cash, as well as several credit cards. The purse itself was valued at $300.

Malicious Damage

Occurred between 11PM (7/13) and 9:36AM (7/16)- 1240 Boylston Street

The victim’s car which had been left unattended since Friday was vandalized sometime over the weekend. The rear window along with both right windows and the windshield were all either cracked or broken. The cost of the damage is unknown.

Occurred between 5PM (6/28) and 7:17PM (7/16)- 27 Chestnut Street

When returning home from vacation the victim discovered that her hot tub cover had been torn open. The lock to the hot tub was also broken. The tub cover was valued at $400.

Occurred at 7:10PM (7/16)- 162 Goddard Avenue

Victim noticed about a dozen youths near the functional hall which she manages. The youths fled when she approached and upon further investigation the victim noticed one of the classroom doors had been opened and malicious damage had been done to the inside.


Occurred at 3:54PM (7/16)- 90 Longwood Avenue

Victim reported that he lent his acquaintance his wallet and when it was returned his credit card and state ID. were missing. In addition several fraudulent charges were attributed to his account.

Occurred between 6PM and 7PM (7/16)- 1364 Beacon Street

Victim reported that she left her purse at Seven Subs, and returned an hour later to find it missing.

Occurred between 9:45PM and 11:30PM (7/16)- 364 Harvard Street

Victim reported her car had been broken into and several items had been stolen. Officers noticed a large rock had been used to smash the vehicles window and gain entry. A GPS navigation device valued at $500, and a thermometer valued at $30 were stolen from the vehicle.

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