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Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 11th Police Reports


· Occurred between 8AM and 3:30PM (7/11)-157 Cypress Street

Victim reported he left his bike unlocked in his back yard for about 7 hours. When he returned the bike was missing. Bike was valued at around $100.

· Occurred between 2:30PM and 6PM (7/11) - 397 Harvard Street

Victim reported that her package was left in the locked lobby of her building for several hours. She stated when she returned the box was ripped open and its contents missing. The value of the items was around $100.

· Occurred at 7:29PM (7/11)- 900 Commonwealth Avenue

Officers responded to CVS where a manager reported an alleged shop lifter. The manager witnessed a man placing items from the shelf into a plastic bag. When he confronted the man to return the items, the suspect placed some of the items back, while several of the items still remained in his bag. He then quickly exited the store. (Suspect described as a light skinned black male 30-35 with short hair last seen wearing a white t shirt with blue jeans).

· Occurred between 8PM (7/11) and 1:35AM (7/12)- 615 Chestnut Hill Avenue

Officers responded to a report of a past larceny from a motor vehicle. Suspect reported the vehicle was parked in his driveway overnight when he returned the passenger window was smashed and the glove box was left open. A few items were discovered missing from the vehicle including, a cell phone, battery charger, pair of sunglasses and an accessory plug, the value of these items is unknown.

Malicious Damage

· Occurred between 5PM and 5:45PM (7/11)-186 Tappan Street

Suspect broke into a motor vehicle by smashing the passenger window. Suspect appeared to have moved several items around the contents of the vehicle, but the victim reported nothing appeared missing.

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