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Monday, July 9, 2007

July 6th Police Reports


· Occurred at 9:24AM (7/06)- 1 Buckminster Road

Victim reported that on 7/05 he had parked his vehicle outside his apartment building, and when he returned the next morning he found several items missing. Among the items missing were a lap-top computer valued at $800, and a digital camera valued at $600. No forced entry to the vehicle was discovered.

· Occurred between 4:40PM and 4:55PM (7/06)- 24 Harvard Street

Victim reported he left his bike unattended behind Pomodoro Restaurant for about 15 minutes. When he returned his bike was missing.

Malicious Damage

· Occurred at 1:33PM (7/06) -599 Brookline Avenue

While on patrol Officers noticed a vehicle with a smashed window. They contacted the driver of the vehicle who reported nothing was stolen but the glove box appeared ransacked.

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