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Friday, June 8, 2007

Crime Report (6/8/07)


Occurred at 7:26 pm (06/06/07)- 72 Cypress St

Steflen Michaliszyn of Medford was arrested for operating without a license. Michaliszyn received a citation for providing a false name to a police officer and traffic offenses.

Occurred at 10:00pm (06/07/07)- 4 Brookline Ave

Michael Neely of Roxbury was arrested for unarmed robbery. An employee of the Village Market stated that Neely and another male had entered the store. Neely stood in front of the counter and distracted the clerk with questions as the second male went behind the counter and took three packs of cigarettes. Neely and the other male then left the store. When speaking with Officers, it was found that Neely had a warrant for his arrest. Neely had attempted to use an ID with a different name and was also charged with giving a false name to a police officer. Officers were unable to locate the other male involved at this time.

Occurred at 1:16 am (06/08/07)- 665 Washington St

Lyndia Lewis of Roxbury was arrested for operating on a suspended license. Richard Jones was arrested for minor in possession of alcohol when a bottle of alcohol was found on his person.

Occurred at 8:43 am (06/08/07)- Independence Rd/ Russett Rd

Paulo Pereira of Framingham was arrested for not being duly licensed to operate a motor vehicle. It was also found that Pereira had a warrant.


Occurred at 5:57pm (06/07/07)- Commonwealth Ave

Employees of CVS reported that a customer had attempted to purchase a disposable camera with a fake American Express gift check. When the clerk attempted to authorize the check, the customer walked out of the store with the camera and continued on Commonwealth Ave.

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