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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Crime Report (6/7/07)


  • Occurred at 2:58am (06/07/07) 1010 Commonwealth Ave

Justin Goodwin of Revere was arrested for operating with a suspended license. Goodwin’s passenger, Corey Olenik was arrested for possession of marijuana.


  • Occurred between 10:30pm (06/06/07) and 6:41am (06/07/07)- Harvard St

The front door of Madras Masala was found with a smashed window pane by a neighboring business. Officers found the door still locked upon arrival and rolls of coins on the floor. Officers entered the business, but did not find anyone in the store. The cash register was found open and empty along with several empty plastic lottery scratch ticket dispensers displaced from the wall. Officers were unable to make contact with the owners of the business at the time of the report, so it is unknown what was missing.

B&E&L of a Motor Vehicle

  • Between 5:00pm (05/29/07) and 12:00pm (05/30/07)- Newton Street

The victim stated that some time between the above times an i-Pod and a purse were stolen out of their unlocked motor vehicle. The purse was later found in a yard nearby.


  • Between 12:00pm (06/05/07) and 5:06 pm (06/06/07) Commonwealth Ave

Employees of the Ski Market stated that two bicycles were stolen from the store.

  • Between 8:00am and 5:30pm (06/06/07) West Roxbury Pkwy

Victim stated that she received a watch for a present. The watch was left in a bookcase, when the victim returned home the watch was missing. Nothing else was missing from the house.

  • Between 8:00pm (06/06/07) and 3:30am (06/07/07)-St. Paul St/Parkman St

The victim stated that both xenon headlights from his vehicle had been removed. There was damaged to the fender from the removal of the headlights.

Scam Alert

  • Occurred 9:32 am (06/06/07) - Beacon Street

The victim stated that she received two separate phone calls from a male stating that he worked for Social Security and that tree hundred people were selected to receive $300. for six months because they paid their taxes on time. The victim stated that the caller asked her to verify her phone number, address and bank account information. The victim would not provider her bank information. The victim stated that the caller became rude and vulgar. The victim contacted Social Security after the two phone calls and was advised that the phone calls were not coming from their department.

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