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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

April 26, 2021

Friday, April 23, 2021 

PACKAGE THEFT - Officers responded to a package theft report on Cushing Rd. where the victim received a notification that their package was successfully delivered. When going to pick up the package, the victim was unable to locate the items.

PACKAGE THEFT - Officers responded to a package theft on Washington St. where the victim shared that there have been 5 previous package thefts earlier this year. At time time, officers are checking surveillance footage in the area.

MV THEFT- Officers responded to a report for a stolen dirt bike on Walnut St. The victim shared that they keep their bike in the basement of their building. When checking on it, the bike was gone. The victim asked their neighbor if they saw anything, to which they replied that a couple days prior, they saw two individuals push the bike out of the basement and into the street. Officers are looking around the area for surveillance and they have a simple description of the suspects.

Saturday, April 24. 2021 

BIKE THEFT - Officers responded to a bike theft report on Rawson Rd. where the victim placed their bike in front of their car which was parked in the rear lot of the building. The car was blocking the bike from street view, but the victim did not see the bike when they returned. Officers have a photo of the bike.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

B&E ATTEMPT OF A MV - Officers responded to Commonwealth Ave. for a report of a motor vehicle break and enter. The reporting party shared that the suspect walked to the back parking lot and opened the driver door to a vehicle. The suspect looked into the vehicle and then left the seen promptly. Officers have surveillance footage and have identified the suspect.

SHOPLIFTING - Officers responded to a shoplifting reports on Commonwealth Ave. where the store manager shared that the suspect was seen trying to leave the store with numerous items. The suspect was when confronted and signaled to go to the cash register to pay for the items. They then placed the basket full of items on the counter and left the store. Officers have footage and pictures of the suspect.

BIKE THEFT - Officers responded to a bike theft report on Washington St. where the reporting party shared that they noticed their bike missing from the lobby of their building. 

PACKAGE THEFT - Officers responded to a package theft report on Centre St. where the reporting party shared that they saw many packages inside the vestibule of their building. They noticed that several of the packages were opened. Officers contacted other tenants of the building to inquiry if there package was tampered with. Officers have contacted the property manager to request to review camera footage.

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