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Thursday, March 11, 2021

March 8, 2021

 3/4/2021 FRAUD - Officers took a report of fraud where the victim received a call from someone impersonating a police officer. The "police officer" was warning that the victim's social security number was being used to make purchases.  The "police officer" then told the victim to go to CVS to purchase gift cards in order to correct the fraudulent use of their social security number. After obtaining the access code to that gift card, the scammer than told the victim to purchase more gift cards in even greater amounts. This is when the victim notified the police.


3/5/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a fraud report where the victim received an unemployment claim form in the mail. Since they did not request unemployment benefits, they contacted police. 

3/5/2021 BICYCLE THEFT - Officers responded to a report for a bicycle theft on Browne St. where the reporting party stated that they locked up their bike in a secure spot in their residential building. Upon returning, their bike was missing and the door to the storage seemed to be tampered with.

___________________________________________________________________________________3/6/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a fraud report where the reporting party said that someone claimed unemployment benefits under their name with the state of Kentucky. The victim notified Kentucky DUA as well as police.

3/6/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a credit card fraud report where the victim's card was used on separate occasions for transactions in Florida. They were notified when their bank contacted them about their request for a new card. Since they did not make this request, they checked their bank account and discovered these fraudulent transactions.


3/7/2021  BREAK AND ENTER ATTEMPT - Officers responded to an attempt breaking and entering of a vehicle on Clinton Rd. The reporting party stated that they observed someone attempting to break into their car through their Ring camera. No entry was made and the officers have a description of the suspect.

3/7/2021 LARCENY - Officers responded to a shoplifting on Harvard St. where the manager reported that a customer was seen placing items into a bag. When the manager confronted the suspect, they exited the store with the items. Officers have a description of the suspect as well as information about the products that were stolen. 

3/7/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a fraud report where the the reporting party received a text saying there was a problem with their unemployment claim. They did not click on the link provided and contacted police since they did not file for unemployment benefits. 

3/7/2021 BREAK AND ENTER  - Officers responded to a break and enter of a motor vehicle on Middlesex Rd. The vehicle was parked in the victim's driveway and upon going to their vehicle, they discovered their belongings had been rummaged through. Officers are currently investigating the case.

3/7/2021 LARCENY - Officers responded to a report of a package theft on Park St. where officers arrived with the package in the lobby appearing to be cut open. Reporting parties stated that they had surveillance of the package being stolen. The video entails two suspects entering the building, cutting open the box, and taking the contents from it. Descriptions of the suspect is obtained and the box was submitted to evidence. 

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