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Monday, March 8, 2021

March 4, 2021

 3/2/2021 DAMAGE TO TOWN PROPERTY - Officers responded to a tree falling down on Fuller St. due to the windy weather from the previous night. The tree was very large and its fall resulted in multiple items being damage around houses on Fuller St. Damages include a broken window, a ramp, a roof, a satellite dish and more. No one was injured. 

3/2/2021 GRAFFITI - Officers responded to a graffiti report at a commercial establishment on Beacon St. where the window near the front entrance was defaced with black lettering and racist remarks written. Officers are currently viewing surveillance around the area.

3/2/2021 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY - Officers responded to a call for suspicious activity on Buckminster Rd. where the reporting party stated that at around 4:40AM their alarm system alerted them that motion was detected. Upon reviewing that camera, the party observed someone in their driveway trying to open the car doors. The suspect did not gain entry into any cars. Officers are reviewing that camera footage from the alarm system.

3/2/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a report of fraud on Claflin Rd. where the reporting party stated that someone used an account of theirs to order product from Florida. The victim was notified from their credit card company and was able to decline the unauthorized charge. Authorities were contacted in Florida as well and the fraudulent activity will be mitigated.

3/2/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a fraud report on Freeman St. where the reporting party has been in contact with a subject regarding a room rental. The two came to an agreement of how much the rent would be. The subject sent the reporting party a check with an amount greater than the agreed upon rent amount. This prompted the reporting party to send back the excess amount via Zelle. The reporting party later received an alert from their bank that the check they deposited was fraudulent. The reporting party then contacted police. Upon investigating it appears that phone numbers and emails that the subject used were generated and false. Detectives are following up on the case now.

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