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Monday, March 29, 2021

March 25, 2021

3/22/2021 LARCENY- Officers responded to a larceny report at a restaurant on Harvard St. The reporting employee stated that an individual entered the establishment at 7:04PM and walked around the dining room, looking at tables and decorations. When the employee approached the individual to ask if they wanted to be served, the individual ignored the worker. They proceeded to the take out counter and took out the contents of the tip jar and place the money into their pocket. The individual then left the establishment. The manager contacted police officers.

3/22/2021 LARCENY - Officers responded to a larceny report on Gibbs St. where the owner reported that their motorized scooter had been stolen. What was left behind was a cut chain, cut bike lock, and a cover. These items have been collected as evidence and the case is being followed up by detectives.


3/23/2021 SHOPLIFTING - Officers responded to a shoplifting report on Harvard St around 11PM. The manager shared that there were two individuals who entered the store. One of them proceeded to put product into a trash bag while the other was talking to an employee as a distraction. They left the store without paying for merchandise. Detectives are currently following up on this case with description and video of the suspects.

3/23/2021 IDENTITY THEFT - Officers responded to a report of identity theft at 10:41AM where the reporting party shared that when clicking on a "pop-up" link by accident on their computer, it gave access to the company to remotely access to the computer. This company had someone call the party and proceeded to attempt to sell services that will "fix the problems" in the computer. When the reporting party stopped communicating with the scammer, they restarted the computer to find that there were many suspicious attempts of someone trying to access the computer. This caused them to contact police since there is pertinent personal information in the computer.

3/23/2021 BIKE THEFT- Officers responded to a report of a stolen bicycle on Browne St. The reporting party shared that they last seen their bike in the basement of their building. Since the door is usually locked, they leave the bike unchained. Today, they saw the basement door open and their bike gone. They contacted police in hopes of recovering their stolen bike.

3/23/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a report of identity theft at 7PM where the reporting party shared that they received a letter from the Department of Unemployment Assistance claiming that they received benefits. Since they did not file for unemployment, they contacted p0olice who advised them to contact the major credit bureaus.


3/24/2021 BIKE THEFT - Officers responded to a bike theft report on Browne St. at 8PM where the reporting party shared that they kept their bikes in a gated enclosure and locked the bikes. Today, they noticed that the enclosure was open and the bikes were missing. The gate of the enclosure was processed for fingerprints and detectives are attempting to recover the bikes.

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