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Monday, March 29, 2021

March 16, 2021

 3/16/21 BURGLAR - Officers responded to a past breaking and entering at a residential building on Russett Road. The reporting party stated that the modem was missing and upon reviewing surveillance footage, noticed a man entering the property towards the back of the house at 3:40 am. 

3/16/21 FRUAD - Officers responded to a report of multiple fraudulent charges on a credit card. The victim received emails from their bank inquiring about correct charges on the card and found that various false charges were made. The victim contacted the credit card company and the card as well as the charges were cancelled. The victim was urged to contact the Federal Trade Commission about the fraudulent activities and a follow up has been requested.

3/16/21 B & E - Officers responded to a breaking and entering on Warren St. The reporting party stated that they attempted to enter the first floor bathroom when it was locked and upon knocking on the door, the interior lights turned off. Assuming it was another resident inside the bathroom, the reporting party went to the other side of the house and found the other resident. Both residents saw that the exterior window of the bathroom was wide open. The residents then contacted the police where the K-9 unit searched the premise. The suspect was not found and it is unknown if anything was stolen. 

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