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Friday, June 14, 2019

Wednesday, June 12th

8:31AM: An officer was dispatched to the corner of Essex Street and Worthington Road for a report of two found wallets. A security guard for the New England Hebrew Academy was approached by a parent who located the two wallets in bushes near the school. Both wallets were empty with no information to identify the owners. The wallets have been placed into storage for safe keeping.

9:44AM: Police responded to Longwood Avenue for a report of past breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. The reporting party parked his vehicle in the Babcock Street parking lot at 3:20PM on Tuesday, June 11th. When he returned to the vehicle at 4PM, he noticed his black LL Bean backpack was missing. The doors were left unsecured. This case is under investigation.  

1:10PM: Officers were dispatched to a residence on University Road for a past breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. On Tuesday night, June 11th, someone broke into the reporting party’s car and stolen $5 in change and a pocket knife. The reporting party believes the incident may have occurred at 3:10AM when he was woken up by car alarms. He checked outside but did not see anyone in the area. The vehicle doors were unlocked overnight. Police are investigating.

2:06PM: Police responded to Webster Street for found property. The reporting party stated that at 5PM on Tuesday, June 11th, he noticed two backpacks in the bushes near a parking lot. This morning, June 12th, he saw the backpacks again and decided to call police. It is possible the backpacks were left on June 10th. No identifiable information was located inside the backpacks. The bags were placed into an evidence locker for safekeeping. 

3:43PM: Officers were dispatched to Auburn Street for a residential breaking and entering and larceny report. The reporting party stated that she left her apartment at 9PM on June 11th and returned at 3PM on June 12th. Upon arrival, she observed both her front door and back door to be open. The reporting party was positive she secured both doors before leaving the apartment. A large wooden chest was also missing from the property. This case is under investigation. 

5:42PM: A citizen approached an officer near Allerton Road for a report of stolen property. The man stated that a 10 foot cooper downspout was stolen from his home overnight. The reporting party last saw the pipe at 7PM on Tuesday, June 11th. He returned home at 6:30AM on June 12th and noticed the pipe was missing. This case is under investigation. 

6:51PM: Police were dispatched to a business on Commonwealth Avenue for a report of shoplifting. Officers were met by store employees that witnessed a man place several items in a green tote bag. The suspect was observed on surveillance cameras stealing items and then fleeing towards Kenmore Square. The man is described an African American Male, age 40-50, short gray hair, wearing a black baseball cap, white t-shirt, black puffy vest, and dark colored pants. 

8:26PM: Officers responded to a business on Harvard Street for shoplifting. The reporting party showed police surveillance footage of an unknown female. The woman grabbed numerous articles of clothing, concealing them in two purses and a suit case, before exiting the store. The female is described as an African American woman with short black hair, dressed in a white shirt with a black sweater, and sunglasses. The suspect stole almost $1,700 worth of clothing items. 

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